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Trey Triple A

Trey Triple A. Don’t Hold Back in “Unapologetically Black”

“Mr. Officer, don’t like the color of my skin. Well, I don’t like you either and I’m not ‘bout to pretend…” – quote from “Unapologetically Black” During these troubled times Denver artist Trey Triple A. felt it necessary to release a song that’s a relevant topic about racial injustice titled “Unapologetically Black”. He plans to donate all money generated from the song to a black business or family in need.  In “Unapologetically Black”, Trey doesn’t hold back when expressing his […]

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Tain Releases Heart-Breaking Single “Love Me Not”

“You don’t love me like you say you do, I know you fronting. Say you’d got my back, but then you treat me like nothing…” – quote from “Love Me Not” Denver-based artist, Tain, who is best known for his baritone voice and masterful flow, is going all out with his super heart-breaking single “Love Me Not” from his latest “Purple Tain” project. He leaves nothing to the imagination as he brings back the nostalgic mix of rap and blues […]

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Ked Colorado

Ked Colorado “Blessings” ft Flawless Money

“It’s a blessing, I let that go, I was tired of stressing. This my confession, never again will I trust anyone without pushing and testing…” – quote from “Blessings” Ked Colorado story-telling lyrics come from within. When you come from a certain lifestyle, there are those with opinions. Luckily, having music in his life shows there are other outlets. His latest hit “Slide” proves that he is not done, but on the rise. https://youtu.be/Ae-v9pDosVk In “Blessings”, Ked collaborates with Flawless […]

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Zenas Drops a Soulful Track “Into You”

“Obvious that I’m feelin’ you, it’s been a while what we finna do, if you couldn’t tell, girl I’m into you…” – quote from “Into You” Zenas is an up-and-coming Denver artist who resides in Dallas, Texas. Zenas’s move into Texas was prompted by his desire to further his music career in college. Not very long after he relocated to Texas, fate joined him with Jon-John Robinson, a prominent music producer of Texas origin. The Denver artist’s meeting with Jon-John […]

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Gas City

Gas City Releases Their Latest Song “Your Eyes”

“Showed her I’m the one that she needed, she can’t deny it now. Notice that her body was calling, I made it quiet down…” – quote from “Your Eyes” When two powerful music lords merge their talents, you can only expect them to produce the strongest melody you can imagine. This is the case with the Colorado based duo Gas City. For one thing, the pair knows how to stir music away from what sounds normal, to extraordinary realms. Their […]

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Calvin Terel

Calvin Terel “Broke in a Minute Freestyle” ft Big Juice

“She say why you be trippin’, can I slide through and just kick it, can I just visit, we can get high in the kitchen, I ain’t been chose in a minute…” – quote from “Broke in a Minute Freestyle” Denver artist Calvin Terel is back with a smooth track called “Broke in a Minute Freestyle”  and he collabs with Big Juice on this one. The song has a cool vibe and beat that makes you want to get out […]

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ZENAS Brings Lighter Take on the Pandemic with “Rona”

“It’s a cold world we livin’ in. That COVID got me in the crib. Can’t pay the bills, I can’t pay my rent…” – quote from “Rona” Up and coming artist ZENAS shows his versatility with a lighter take on Coronavirus in new song “Rona”. In the song he addresses how the virus has affected our everyday lives. He accents it with a sample of Cardi B screaming “Coronavirus”. He has partnered with MusiCares to help those in need during […]

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Calvin Terel

Calvin Terel Releases “Pilgrim”

“Pocket full of money on me, yessir. One more rope ‘round my neck, sir…” – quote from “Pilgrim” Denver based rap artist Calvin Terel has been dropping multiple hits since the beginning of his music career. Amidst his numerous releases which include “Chasing Diamonds”, “One Question”, and “ITM”, Terel just dropped another mind blowing song and music video entitled “Pilgrim”. The video takes place in a school and a basketball court and Calvin went all the way to captivate the […]

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Tana 10 Birdz

Tana 10 Birdz “Too Many” ft Charlie Vuitton

“Got too many straps, too many traps, too many tatts, got too many racks, too many, to many…” – quote from “Too Many” Denver artist Tana 10 Birdz is back with creative new video “Too Many” featuring Charlie Vuitton. Also known as the “King of Denver Trap Music”, Tana has consistently focused on his music and continued to give us his story with hit after hit. “Too Many” is a vibe track put together by Tana 10 Birdz to celebrate […]

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J-Ice Drops New Single “Resume”

“I’m the shi* and it’s natural. How you gone see me with a telescope. Imma hit it nonstop then I have to go…” – quote from “Resume” Denver rapper J-Ice drops his hot singe titled “Resume”. The song, produced under the stables of The HAC Squad, talks about everything that makes J-Ice the cool guy next door. From his exquisite style of rapping to his dressing – his chains, his wrist, and his entire “Resume”. J-Ice, on this track aims […]

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