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Cinoevil Teams Up with Benny the Butcher & Illschmitt in “Another Count”


Menu Music GRID Gurl About RSS Feed INSTAGRAM share New Jersey’s rising star Cinoevil is shaking up the hip-hop scene with his latest track, “Another Count,” featuring the prolific Benny the Butcher and the dynamic Illschmitt. Known for his raw energy and authentic storytelling, Cinoevil is a force to be reckoned with in the rap […]

Cinoevil Delivers a Fresh Spin on a Mafia Classic in “Perogies”


Music GRID Gurl About INSTAGRAM share Share on twitter Share on facebook New Jersey’s very own Cinoevil is serving up something hot and tasty with his latest single, “Perogies,” straight off his new album “Socialite.” This isn’t your typical music video – Cinoevil’s taking us to a new level of creative flavor. The recording went […]