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Farrari Yanni

Farrari Yanni Holds in the Pain with “Keep Smiling”

“You play my song, you might just hear some sirens. I’m hurt, inside, made it out the dirt, no guidance…” – quote from “Keep Smiling” Farrari Yanni enters the scene with some real rap titled “Keep Smiling”. In the song, he talks about how he holds in the pain, but keeps on smiling. “Keep Smiling” is paired with a visual directed by Shay and Max Orant and filmed by DADA Creative. The video shows Farrari Yanni boasting his unique look […]

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RapGameJimi Releases Dynamic Song “I Been Cool”

“The game changed, me and you not on the same thang, campaign on the camp ground, we can maintain on the same plane…” – quote from “I Been Cool” Chicago rap artist RapGameJimi just releases a new dynamic track titled “I Been Cool”. RapGameJimi comes with nothing hot fire with the chemistry from producer, Gene. “I Been Cool” consists of a new age drill beat and complete symmetry as RapGameJimi flows like water. This compilation is sure to turn heads […]

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Lupe Fiasco

Lupe Fiasco Releases New Single “Dinosaurs”

“Then Tyrannosaurus Rex wasn’t the smartest of the smartest, but you wouldn’t wanna box with the short-armed carnivorous martial artist…” – quote from “Dinosaurs” Lupe Fiasco has delivered a track “Dinosaurs” from his new EP, a collaboration with Kaelin Ellis titled “House”. This is likely the closest we have seen to Lupe having fun as he made his best attempt at mirroring the roar of a dinosaur. In the song, Lupe takes us back to the prehistoric era. There is […]

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G4 Boyz and Chief Keef

G4 Boyz ft Chief Keef “Local Scammer”

“Insert card, I’m online, sufficient funds in the swipe. Service fees too high, KMT, that’s a third of the swipe. African boy, that’s me, you won’t catch me with no dead CC…” – quote from “Local Scammer” Chief Keef Photo Credit: glenjamn3 This time, the New York-based artists, Ice Baby and Buggy, better known as G4 Boyz, are on the airwaves with the multiplatinum Chicago drill superstar Chief Keef, adding a dynamic style to this irresistible anthem. The latest release […]

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HBKTAYYY Latest Song & Visual for “LOCKED IN”

“Imma run it up to the end, I don’t need no friends. Mind made up, I already know I’m gonna win. This shi* hereditary, it’s deep in my skin…” – quote from “LOCKED IN” Chicago hip hop artist HBKTAYYY is making waves with his latest single “LOCKED IN”, which already has over 29K views on YouTube. https://youtu.be/sQlcoJz7uu8 On the track, HBKTAYYY talks about his vision and how hard he’s grinding for his. He’s focused and not slowing down for nothing. […]

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Stizzy Khyzac

Stizzy Khyzac Features Big Swirl in “Out of Town”

“The streets is cold, you n*** anemic. I’m praying to angels, but hanging wit demons…” – quote from “Out of Town” Stizzy Khyzac, a Chicago rapper on the come up, has recently collaborated with Big Swirl on a new drill song called “Out of Town”. “Out of Town” reflects on the struggle in the streets and you can hear it through the words in the song. Stizzy Khyzac delivers a gritty flow as he talks about his hustle and Big […]

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Hunnid “Hunnid Jordan Streetz Pippen” ft Streetz

“Bunch of full clips on bullshi*, in the Chiraq, we like Jordan, Pippen. Catch you on a rebound like Dennis Rodman, but I’m Stephen Curry with dat long distance…” – “Hunnid Jordan Streetz Pippen” Hunnid is a Chicago artist whose songs and flow have been completely invaded by his street upbringing. He’s one of those artists who can boldly form an army from his excellent choice of words. He is set to consistently release tracks in order to set the […]

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Gina Releases Latest Track “Work”

“You’re the only man that I trust completely. Don’t have to worry, know that you won’t deceive me…” – quote from “Work” Gina, a singer and songwriter, released a single called “Work”. On this track Gina shows her vocal ability over the calm beat. She talks about how she has a good guy and just because things get hard at times doesn’t mean you can’t make it work. Gina is from Chicago, Illinois but quit her teaching job and moved […]

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Lil Randy 1300

Lil Randy 1300 Pays Tribute to Friend in “No More Sorrow”

“Angels follow me wherever I go, I don’t wanna see no more sorrow, God knows I’m tired of getting my heart broke…” – quote from “No More Sorrow” Buzz making Chicago artist Lil Randy 1300 is keeping the pace with new song release he entitles “No More Sorrow”. The Major Market Media artist who has been making buzz on the scene with steady song releases in the past year and gained wide recognition with “Mama I Made It”, a remix […]

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Daylight Tone

Daylight Tone Returns with “OnnaWay”

“Don’t make me turn up on you goofy a** n***, rolling them swishas…” – quote from “OnnaWay” Daylight Tone is back with new music after 6 months hiatus and he titles this one “OnnaWay”. The Chicago rapper has dropped his new playful trap single produced by Donta and it is one fun track to listen to. “OnnaWay” is Daylight’s first official single of his anticipated soon to be released EP “SPOTLIGHT” and the track is a mix of fun and […]

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