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YFN Lucci

YFN Lucci Drops Visual for “Rolled On” ft Mozzy Before Turning Himself In

Photo Credit: The Come Up Show from Canada Hip hop star YFN Lucci dropped a new music video “Rolled On” featuring Mozzy before turning himself in to authorities today, January 13th. Authorities wanted him for multiple charges earlier this week, but now he’s in custody. “Rolled On” is a track from Lucci’s “Wish Me Well 3” album. In the video, Lucci hangs out with his friends at a burger joint, and Mozzy keeps the vibe going with a fire delivery. […]

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Ktlyn Delivers a Steamy Vibe in “Manifest”

“Hop in the pool, that 42 I’ll drink for the night, hella broke, but really nice, that’s not my type…” – quote from “Manifest” If you haven’t heard about San Diego, California rapper Ktlyn, then you should give her new track “Manifest” a listen. In “Manifest” Ktlyn delivers a steamy, mellow vibe, but the track also slaps. She talks about trying to manifest big things for 2021. Ktlyn likes to create empowering music for women. That’s usually where her lyrics […]

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Darrin Willz

Darrin Willz Releases “A Kid From Oakland” ft. Mistah F.A.B

“Reminisce about my life, take a breather with this Sativa, I’m going way back to 61st street in Oakland…” – quote from “A Kid From Oakland” Fast-rising Oakland, California rapper Darrin Willz has kick-started the year 2021 with the release of his much-anticipated rap single “A Kid From Oakland”. This track features the city’s legendary rapper and the king of freestyle, Mistah F.A.B., and Darrin Willz takes his rap attitude to an all-new level. The track shares his experiences while […]

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Datta Boy

Datta Boy Releases Banging New Music Video “Pull Up”

“You done screwed yourself with a couple of flatheads and a Phillips, imma nasty, nasty n***, see the words that I spit up…” – quote from “Pull Up” Datta Boy releases banging new music video “Pull Up” starring Tommy “Tiny” Zeus Lister aka Deebo from Friday. “Pull Up”, which was produced by Kenneth English and directed by Ralph Lawrence Mariano depicted a young man who was bullied and his girl was taken from him by the neighborhood bully (cast by […]

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Saweetie Enters the World of Acting in “Grown-ish”

PHOTO CREDIT: MTV International Music artist Saweetie makes the conversion to being an actress as she prepares to show her acting skills in “Grown-ish” this upcoming season. While interviewing with Entertainment Weekly, the California artist mentioned that she would be playing the role of a dominating artist named “Indigo” who’ll be a challenge for Yara Shahidi’s Zoey Johnson. She says, “I think Indigo is just a little bit of a bi*ch. She means well, but just sometimes she says the […]

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D’rock Releases New Single “Don’t Wanna Talk”

“Leave it alone, just leave it alone, you know you was wrong, you Had me fooled, singing ya song…” – quote from “Don’t Wanna Talk” D’rock passionately expresses his feelings of betrayal and pain in this emotional Spanglish R&B magic titled “Don’t Wanna Talk”. In an adept fusion of English and Spanish lyrics over rhythmic drill-style production, he expresses his grief about a past love relationship in which his trust was betrayed. Anyone who has invested wholly in a relationship, […]

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Drea Mon'e

Drea Mon’e Releases Steamy Track “Sugar Pie”

“Sugar pie, honey bun, you’re like a toy that I never won, and you look like real fun, that makes my heart beat like a drum…” – quote from “Sugar Pie” Los Angeles, California songstress Drea Mon’e recently dropped a steamy track titled “Sugar Pie”. In the song, Drea describes how enticing her lover is, but she warns him not to catch feelings, as she only wants to have a good time.  “Sugar Pie” is accompanied by a video where […]

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Icon South

Icon South “Whatchu Sippin?” ft 10k.Caash & Neko Savvy

“Yeah my brain so berserk, I been sippin’ on some of that syrup, I been sippin’ on some of that drank, what you …” – quote from “Whatchu Sippin?” Emerging talent Icon South is back with the homies 10k.Caash & Neko Savvy on this slapper titled “Whatchu Sippin?” All together they deliver an energetic, upbeat vibe that will definitely have you out of your seat moving. Originally from Dallas, Texas, Icon South is a music producer/artist that lives in Los […]

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Dax Releases New Music Video “Joker Returns”

“Did you know your words describe you and not me and bounce back cuz in life we project our insecurities on people we wish we could be while blinded by the fact that we’re our own biggest and worst enemies…” – quote from “Joker Returns” In his usual forceful and fire-spitting style, Dax drops this new song “Joker Returns” that gives a person chills down the spine. On the topic of suicide, depression, drugs, and living the fake life, Dax […]

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ROE Craves Vulnerability in “Wanna Be”

“Every word that I say is for real, me and you got a crazy appeal, you’re the one I can confide in, when I hit you know that you ridin…” – quote from “Wanna Be” R&B songstress ROE just dropped a new captivating single titled “Wanna Be” with an accompanying video. In “Wanna Be”, ROE puts her own unique twist on Brandy’s 90’s single “I Wanna Be Down”. “Wanna Be” dives deep into the feelings you get when two hearts […]

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