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Asha Imuno and Gidi

Asha Imuno Reveals Single “CAVIAR” ft Gidi

“We double back and flood his spot like it’s the thang to do…” – quote from “CAVIAR” “CAVIAR” is the second single from Asha Imuno’s upcoming album “4AD imprint b4”. The song is his first collaboration with fellow member Gidi of the Raised by the Internet collective. About the song, Imuno says, “CAVIAR is the first time people get to hear how far Gidi and I push each other to make something hard and charismatic. We made this record right […]

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Princeton Perez

Princeton Perez Releases “Chew It Up”

“Know I be throwing her racks, she be throwing it back for the evening…” – quote from “Chew It Up” On its release, “Chew It Up” ranked a whopping 500,000 streams on SoundCloud and shot up to number 7 on iTunes. The song has effortlessly carved a permanent niche for itself in the R&B world. Not surprising, since Princeton Perez was a member of Mindless Behavior, a boy-band. “Chew It Up” is his debut as a solo singer and a […]

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Parris LaVon

Parris LaVon Drops Single “Wanted To Win”

“All my life I only wanted to win, no support, I felt like what is a friend, made a promise I would never pretend to impress a ni***, f** I done it again…” – quote from “Wanted To Win” Parris LaVon has just gifted the world a generous dose of his upcoming “Perfect Choice” project. He has just released “Wanted To Win”, which happens to be the debut single from the project. The song was released during a very tough […]

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Louis Metric

Louis Metric Releases New Track “Dust”

“Shi* is poppin’ off like kettle, corn bi*ch I will not settle. You muthafu** must of not have got the memo…” – quote from “Dust” Los Angeles producer/rapper Louis Metric releases new track titled “Dust”. “Dust” is the final addition to his self produced, debut album “Faking The Experience”. Louis says “I believe that many of us feel or have felt like imposters at some point. I certainly didn’t feel like a producer when I made this album aimlessly banging […]

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ROE Relives the 90s With Her Debut Track “I Like”

“I like the way you kiss me when we love and you say my name…” – quote from “I Like” Up and coming music artist ROE has done a fantastic job in resuscitating the 90s vibes in her debut song “I Like”. The song is a fascinating replica of Hi-Five’s “I Like the Way (Kissing Game)”, which topped Billboard in the 90s. In the song, ROE skillfully presents a pleasant distraction of the overwhelming burst of romance between two people […]

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Kallee Brookes

Kallee Brookes Drops Strip Club Anthem “Rude”

“Oh you think I’m cute, oh you think I’m rude? But I care about money, not ‘bout you…” – quote from “Rude” Recording artist, actor, and Compton native, Kallee Brookes, recently released her new single “Rude”. “Rude” is a hard hitting, bass powered track that can be played at any strip club joint. Kallee Brookes has appeared in TV shows such as “9-1-1” with Angela Bassett, “Lucifer” on Netflix, “How I Met Your Mother,” and “NCIS.” Kallee wanted to be […]

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Jevon Features X-Raided in Hit Song “AK In My Sofa”

“Pass me the L let’s hit it, currency to make let’s get it, in or out a suit I fit it, all around I’m lit admit it…” – quote from “AK In My Sofa” Jevon features X-Raided in his latest banger “AK In My Sofa” which was produced by SjBeats in UK. The song is a super cool product of the imaginations and talents of Jevon, complemented by X-Raided’s flawless rap talent. It is also a perfect blend of the […]

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IDRYS Drops New Track “Butterfly Hands”

“Butterfly hands, make em fly when I want em to, hit you with that red dot , choppa , when i aim at you…” – quote from “Butterfly Hands” Trap and R&B artist IDRYS drops his latest single “Butterfly Hands”. The song is a warrior’s anthem dedicated to those who are untouchable. In “Butterfly Hands”, IDRYS effortlessly switches from singing melodious tunes to flowing bars, which results in a delivery of energetic sounds that’s exciting and entertaining. The song is […]

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Apiwe Bubu

Apiwe Bubu Infuses Rap with Caribbean in “Can’t Be Like Me”

“They know I got racks, ni**a they know I got swag. Can’t be like me…” – quote from “Can’t Be Like Me” There’s nothing like raw, Caribbean sounds blended with rap in African artist Apiwe Bubu’s new song “Can’t Be Like Me”. Apiwe takes the stage, pushing the boundaries more than ever, as he creates a new cross-section of cultural sounds and rhythms. He uses his unique taste in music to bridge the gap between the two genres. With an […]

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Budda Mack

Budda Mack Releases Explosive Single Titled “Drip”

“In the hood when I touch down, everybody show me love, I’m dripping, dripping with the sauce, flexing is a must…” – quote from  “Drip” Oakland, CA Bay Musik Records artist, Budda Mack is going on strong and downright dirty in fascinating new single “Drip”. Also known for his lyrical notes and sound, Budda Mack does not disappoint as he leaves nothing “uncovered” in this hot new track. “Drip” is the artist’s way of showing his flow and his love […]

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