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Daimo Drops New Track “Figures”

“I gotta bag, she gotta a**, I got them racks, she don’t gotta ask…” – quote from “Figures” DMV artist Daimo recently dropped a new visual for his song titled “Figures”. Earlier this year, he began carving out his musical legacy with the release of “Freebando”, a visceral and unyielding debut album filled to the brim with sharp lyrics and uncompromising beats. Daimo was born in Brooklyn, but raised in the DMV area. He has come out as one of […]

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Rich Milano

Rich Milano Drops Melodic Song “Tactical”

“I been going through some thangs, tryna see my ni** winning, we gone make it out these trenches, all my diamonds, they glisten, got ni*** all up in they feelings…” – quote from “Tactical” Young up and coming Brooklyn artist, Rich Milano, just recently released his new track titled “Tactical”. In “Tactical”, Rich delivers a nice melodic flow on top of a beat with a hard hitting bass line, and talks about his plans of coming up out of the […]

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Shy Billz

Shy Billz Releases Debut Single “Pull Up”

“We finna pull up, hop in my bag, I’m throwing my hood up, turn on the dash when them ni*** pull up, I’m making a mash…” – quote from “Pull Up” Rising Brooklyn artist Shy Billz recently released his first single titled “Pull Up”. Shy Billz started making rhymes at the tender age of 11 and hasn’t stopped since. He was heavily influenced by his family’s background in music. A family owned a studio is where Shy developed his versatile […]

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MOPHEAD TBC Releases Visual for “Get To It”

“All my n*** get money, that’s evident, pockets been stacking, that’s president…” – quote from “Get To It” Talented Brooklyn artist MOPHEAD TBC just recently released the much anticipated visual for “Get To It”. The song distinctly exhibits the young artist’s music ability and his aspiration to reach the highest peak to the top. MOPHEAD TBC lyrics are packed with his experience of pulling through the good and bad times throughout his journey. To him, music is more of a […]

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Mophead TBC

Mophead TBC Is Back At It with “Groovy” ft Shells Macc

“We shootas, no half time…” – quote from “Groovy” Brooklyn artist, Mophead TBC, paired with Shells Mac to create a new single called “Groovy”. The instrumental and lyrics on this track makes you want to be exactly what the title is, groovy. The drill beat catches your ear, the lyrics are nice, and Mophead’s flow goes well along with it. The “Groovy” music video is full of distortion including blue backgrounds and close ups of Mophead TBC. MOPHEAD TBC “DAMAGE” […]

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Star Dinero

Star Dinero “Bank” ft Mophead TBC

“And she call my phone, I don’t even got it saved..” – quote from “Bank” Up and coming Brooklyn artist Star Dinero drops his first music video of 2020 called “Bank”. He features collaborating artist Mophead TBC, another young talent who’s also making waves in New York. Racking up 15k followers on Instagram, Star Dinero’s fans have been anticipating a visual ever since his release of “Born a Star”. He exceeded over 2 million streams on SoundCloud, with hits such […]

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Orrin Stuns the Music Scene with New Single “MTV”

“I hit the wall and everything in it, I’m at the line but I ain’t finished…” – quote from “MTV” Fast-Rising Brooklyn artist, Orrin, has just dropped a hot song he titled “MTV”. The song is a melodious replica of Orrin’s musical talent which has been his substance of uniqueness in the music scene. So far, the song has caught the attention of thousands of hip hop fans, and has come around to expand the artist’s fan network like never […]

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Mophead TBC

Mophead TBC Drops Music Video for “Damage”

“40 do damage, he need a bandage…” – quote from “Damage” Up and coming Brooklyn Artist, Mophead TBC, is an unsigned rapper that has recently caught the attention of a few big labels. As a result of his grind, he has a long career in store for him. In summer of 2019, Mophead TBC became familiar with the studio life through unusual circumstances. He connected with a musically gifted group hailing from the Cooper Projects in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The group […]

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King Eli

King Eli Unleashes His Latest Hit Track “Flashy”

“Flashy, she like it nasty, she gone buss it open in the backseat, we gettin’ classic…” – quote from “Flashy” “Flashy” is King Eli’s latest hit track that is currently leaving Brooklyn City frenzied. The hit track is simply a voice replication of what King Eli expects out of life, as well as his awesome and captivating rap pattern. And just like every other song of the Brooklyn artist, “Flashy” has its unique way of getting a crowd of audience […]

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Yury Releases Track from New EP “Follow the Habits”

“That ain’t love, ain’t no trust, that’s truth…” – quote from “Follow the Habits” New York artist Yury recently dropped another hit song from his EP “Expedited” called “Follow the Habits”, which he produced, mixed, and mastered himself.  In “Follow the Habits” he uses his talent to create a combination of futuristic sounds that he manipulated to deliver his own unique trap sound as he drops hard-hitting bass to complement his flow.  YURY “LESS” After living in 4 countries, Yury […]

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