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G4 Boyz

G4 Boyz “Local Scammer” Remix ft Ivorian Doll

“Insert dat swipe, input pin clone ting, only statements my names on is bank transfers in, move that money to the offshore, got my legal team and they’re top draw…” – quote from “Local Scammer” New York’s dynamic duo, G4 Boyz, is back at it again with another version of their underground hit song “Local Scammer”. This time they feature British upcoming rapper and drill queen, Ivorian Doll. Ivorian said, “I loved this record as soon as I first heard […]

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UKNWN Releases New Single “To The Moon”

“I’ve been going for change, they say I ain’t the same, say charge it to the game, cause there’s no one to blame…” – quote from “To The Moon” The British rapper, UKNWN is keeping his fans on their toes with his masterful flow in his latest song “To The Moon”. The young Enigmatic artist, who is known for his unique blend of wavy, trap sound, retro visuals, and catchy lyrics, goes all out in dishing out what he describes […]

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Big Narstie

Big Narstie and Still Greedy Link Up on “Smooth Criminal”

“There are no breaks, there are no days off. We do this all in intervals…” – quote from “Smooth Criminal” Big Narstie just released a single featuring Still Greedy called “Smooth Criminal”, which was inspired by Michael Jackson. https://youtu.be/9VRG9qQVnO8 Narstie is calm, as he delivers smooth lyrics and Still Greedy comes through with a catchy chorus. The music video is animated and shows both of the artists in a high speed chase with the police. Big Narstie flosses in an […]

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Zernell Fontaine

Zernell Fontaine Teams Up with RV in “Come Over”

“Come over, anytime you lonely you can come over. I love it when you need me, baby come closer. I’ll give you what you need like a ni***  ’pose to…” – quote from “Come Over” Talented British R&B singer Zernell Fontaine is back with a banging new video “Come Over” and collaborates with North London Rapper RV. Zernell gives the R&B smoothness a new flavor as he goes all sweet with his baby as he appreciates her and vows to […]

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