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G. Dot and Born

G. Dot & Born Drops “Never Give Up”

“I know when it rains it pour, yeah it leaves puddles, but the weather changes and the sun cleans double…” – quote from “Never Give Up” In the light of the pandemic currently plaguing the globe, G. Dot and Born releases “Never Give Up”. They remark that despite not having an answer to what the world is facing right now, this song could serve as a solace and sound counsel to those already losing hope. Having worked together on more […]

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Sicnarf Drops New Single “Get That”

“I put my faith in the Lord, I’m in the wraith with the stars…” – quote from “Get That” Article by: A’niya A Boston rapper who goes by Sicnarf released a single named “Get That”. The song keeps you hype, especially the chorus and the beat. His lyrics and voice pair well with the sick instrumental. Sicnarf’s style differs from your “everyday” rapper. Some of his greatest influences, Andre 3000, Kendrick Lamar, RZA and Tyler the Creator, may be the cause […]

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Kobe Red

Kobe Red ft 100K Ree in New Track “Talk My Shit”

“Gettin’ money for real, don’t need a deal. Stay independent, bi*** you know the drill…” – quote from “Talk My Shit” Kobe Red is out of the studio with a new track and he raps about living in extravagance after working so hard to climb up the ladder; he calls this one “Talk My Shit”. The talented rapper and songwriter is all about the struggles he faced a while back, placing it side by side with the success he has […]

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6orn Drops New Visual “Oh Yeah”

“Cause still I make it hot on top, got the block on lock, can’t nobody open shop, oh yeah. And everyday I get more props, cause the shi* don’t stop and I whip it till it lock…” – quote from “Oh Yeah” The kind of vibe that would result from a collaboration between energizing beats and mind-blowing vocals is the scenario reproduced in 6orn’s newest EP “Play for Keeps” produced by Oklahoma’s very own Ethancx. From the five-track album, you […]

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Jefe Replay

Jefe Replay Opens Up New Album with “A Different Road”

“I’m just out here taking trips, shi* I never seen before…had to take a different road…” – quote from “A Different Road” STREAM:https://open.spotify.com/album/5tQurF5nC0kX2iiyggwTaJ When you talk about grand openings, Jefe Replay should come to mind as the Roxbury, Massachusetts hip-hop artist has made an opening with the release of “A Different Road”, an introductory song to his album “Proper Finessments”. “A Different Road” and the other tracks making up the album was released on February 1, 2019 which coincidentally or […]

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