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Beyoncé Has Two More Netflix Movies Due

Photo Credit: Asterio Tecson Homecoming is not the only treat from Beyoncé, as she’ll be collaborating with Netflix for two more films. According to sources the $60 million deal she signed with Variety includes three films in total. Netflix and Beyoncé are yet to confirm this, but their silence on the rumors speak larger than words. Beyoncé is currently enjoying the success of Homecoming, which celebrated the black culture proudly and got praise by critics all over the globe. A […]

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Beyonce Jay Z Meghan Markle

Beyonce and Jay Z Paid Tribute to Meghan Markle

Photo Credit: Vogue Jay and Beyoncé are considered as the most unorthodox and unpredictable couple in the whole industry, as they always have their pocket full of surprises. Recently, they surprised everyone when they paid tribute to Suits actress and the Britain’s duchess, Meghan Markle, when they were accepting the award for the Best International Group at the Brit Awards. A prerecorded video was played in which the couple were standing infront of a painting of Meghan wearing a crown. […]

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