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Park Hill

Park Hill Returns with “Broken Promises”

“I was fast asleep when she went through my phone and found a text, she used my fingerprint. She knows that I didn’t stay at the studio the whole weekend, I think this is the end…” – quote from “Broken Promises” Park Hill returns with an emotional guitar lead song titled “Broken Promises.” He paints a vivid picture of a toxic relationship on the brink of collapse. The track is a follow-up from “Early Morning,” featuring M Huncho in January […]

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Krash Boast a Bravado Statement in “Get It Now”

“It ain’t no stopping me, I hold it down, but ‘foe I wait for it, imma get it now…” – quote from “Get It Now” Upcoming Atlanta artist, Krash recently dropped a new track titled “Get It Now.” In “Get It Now, Krash flaunts his unique style and creativity by delivering diverse flows that boast a bravado statement.  Krash was born in Camden, New Jersey. At a young age, he moved and spent most of his childhood along the east […]

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Bankreaux Returns with “Lowa”

“If you play with my paper I’m losing my chill…” – quote from “Lowa” The Atlanta artist instantly lights up any room he walks in as the center of attention. He’s the type of artist you met for the first time and instantly become a fan of. Atlanta trap artist Bankreaux has returned with his latest visual, “Lowa.” The track serves as an appetizer for his next project, “Hate2Love,” a follow-up to his 2020 release “Love Hate.” Bank is on […]

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Willie Spence

Willie Spence Reveals Soulful Tune “So Gone”

“Baby, you and I, when we’re together I feel so alive, you’re the only one I love and what I need babe…” – quote from “So Gone” Atlanta-based singer Willie Spence just released his new song titled “So Gone.” On a warm beat with soulful vocals, Willie touches on how a person can be so in love that they are “so gone”. When speaking on the song, he explained, “I was used to writing about heartbreak, but I wanted to […]

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Willie Bee

Willie Bee Drops Strip Club Anthem “Bounce” ft Jay Fizzle

“Ordered fifty thousand ones bout to get it crackin’. Left cheek, right cheek she gon twerk for daddy…” – quote from “Bounce” Willie Bee does it again with his new energetic hit “Bounce.” The track shows the Atlanta nightlife up-tempo lifestyle while bringing along PRE’s Jay Fizzle on this Strip Club anthem. Selling out of trap houses and bobbing and weaving through shootouts was the norm for Atlanta rapper Willie Bee. Three separate arrests over five years were God’s way […]

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Ann G

Ann G Comes Out with New Beatbox Track “Blast Off”

“You can have your space, you should take a rocket there…” – quote from “Blast Off” Talented singer Ann G drops a new song, “Blast Off.” It’s an R&B song with a relaxed rhythm, calm ambiance, and soulful lyrics. Everything about the music is so organic and beautiful. It is 100% human sounds – the beats and sounds were all created by her mouth. The sounds are so smooth, and, amazingly, it’s all just beatboxing and a beautiful honey sweet […]

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Lil Baby

Lil Baby Planning To Launch His Own Restaurant

Photo Credit: Steph Lil Baby has announced he is planning to launch his own eatery. In a recent interview with XXL, he revealed that he plans to open up a restaurant. He said, “Actually, I have a new restaurant, and I’ma open it in Atlanta. It was supposed to be open by January, but we had to finish the stages, so maybe, February, March.” He also revealed that it would cater to an upscale crowd. “You know, lamb chops, lobster […]

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YFN Lucci

YFN Lucci Drops Visual for “Rolled On” ft Mozzy Before Turning Himself In

Photo Credit: The Come Up Show from Canada Hip hop star YFN Lucci dropped a new music video “Rolled On” featuring Mozzy before turning himself in to authorities today, January 13th. Authorities wanted him for multiple charges earlier this week, but now he’s in custody. “Rolled On” is a track from Lucci’s “Wish Me Well 3” album. In the video, Lucci hangs out with his friends at a burger joint, and Mozzy keeps the vibe going with a fire delivery. […]

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3xBravo Releases New Track “5 to a 10”

“You put five in five of me, you know I’m flipping that shi* to a ten, had to double that so I went and flipped it again, windows dark as fu*k what percent I got I got ten…” – quote from “5 to a 10” Up and coming rapper 3xBravo just released a new track titled “5 to a 10”. In the song, 3xBravo talks about his ability to double up in the game as he delivers fire bars over […]

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Mulatto Confirms Name Change

PHOTO CREDIT: HOTSPOTATL Mulatto has been receiving a lot of negative feedback over her name, so much that she’s planning to change it. She has publicly declared, during an interview with The Shaderoom, that she’s changing her name after being dragged online and labeled a “colorist” from its origin. Commenting on the feedback, Mulatto says, “I’m not a colorist, but the internet gon’ do what they do, I can’t convince people that already don’t like me otherwise so I’m not gonna […]

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