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SupremeDae Offers a Glimpse into His World in “Withdrawals”


Introducing the urban soundscape’s latest sensation, SupremeDae, and his brand-new track, “Withdrawals.” Collaborating with producer Mayo, SupremeDae’s journey to this captivating single is a tale of serendipitous creativity that unfolded in the vibrant streets of LA.

In a twist of fate, SupremeDae and Mayo were under the same roof in the City of Angels, unaware that their shared musical destiny was about to unfold. The creative house served as the backdrop for an explosion of inspiration, resulting in various fresh tracks. “Withdrawals” emerged as the standout from that creative whirlwind, ready to set the scene ablaze.

SupremeDae’s musical roots run deep, growing up in a family that cherished the art of sound. With an African heritage coursing through his veins, he absorbed the richness of both cultures, cultivating a unique musical perspective. Drawing inspiration from icons like Lil Wayne and Drake, he gravitated toward the captivating realm of Hip Hop. An early adopter, he started crafting his own rhymes at just 10 years old and released his very first mixtape at the impressive age of 13.

What sets SupremeDae apart is his eclectic taste that transcends genres. “I listen to all types of music, regardless of genre. If it sounds good to me, I’d listen to it,” he affirms. This open-minded approach to music is the heartbeat of his versatility, allowing him to effortlessly navigate conscious rap, heartwarming love songs, and even melodic flows. At just 21 years old, SupremeDae is a vibrant force of new energy poised to ignite the music world.

“Withdrawals” captures the essence of this multifaceted artist’s journey. The track encapsulates the highs and lows, the progress and setbacks, and the relentless pursuit of artistic excellence. Mayo’s production flawlessly complements SupremeDae’s dynamic delivery, making “Withdrawals” a captivating auditory experience long after the final note.

As SupremeDae’s star continues to rise, one thing is clear—his dedication to the craft and his passion for creating authentic, resonant music will leave an indelible mark. “Withdrawals” is a testament to the power of collaboration, fate, and the boundless potential within urban music.



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