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Sukihana Drops New Single “Grinch”


Reality TV star Sukihana has released her latest single, “Grinch.”

Sukihana came to the limelight after she starred in the 3rd season of Love & Hip Hop: Miami and has been on a roll in the music industry in the past few years. She also appeared in Cardi B’s music video for her single “WAP.” She has found her feet as a rapper and songwriter and has, ever since then, consistently released new music within short intervals.

Sukihana’s music career kicked off with the release of her mixtape, “Wolf Pu**y,” in 2021. Ever since then, she has released a couple of other singles, including “Throw That Thang,” “Food Stamp,” “Yous a Hoe,” and “No One,” which has so far surpassed 1 million views on YouTube.

Signed to 12th and Collins Ent, the Delaware-born actress and rapper have a unique style of rapping, in most of which she puts her sultry sex appeal on the forefront.



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