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StyllerSupreme Releases a Visual for New Track “Love On You”


South London R&B artist StyllerSupreme is making waves with his latest single, “Love On You,” an infectious R&B and Afropop fusion track that is open, honest, and transparent about StyllerSupreme’s toxic ways as he tries to keep a failing relationship going just for the physical intimacy.

“Love On You” also comes with a captivating music video that stars up-and-coming creative and artist Monique Aday. Shot in London and directed by Shireen Kadhim for Visionnaire Pictures, the visuals offer a comic abbreviation of the relationship that inspired the track. StyllerSupreme channels “The Joker” while his onscreen lover channels “Harley Quinn,” as the video mainly depicts a toxic couple in love.

As StyllerSupreme puts it, “the video is mainly about toxic love symbolized by a toxic couple.” This theme is explored in the lyrics of “Love On You,” which is a refreshing change from the fluffy love songs that are so prevalent in the industry. StyllerSupreme’s willingness to be vulnerable and explore toxic relationships is a testament to his artistry and ability to connect with listeners on a deeper level.



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