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Stoni & JAMMY Ignite the Scene with New Track “B.W.A.”


Stoni, the fierce up-and-coming rap artist from Oakland, teams up with Bay Area’s Hip-Hop/R&B sensation, JAMMY, to deliver a powerful new anthem, “B.W.A.” – Bitch with an Attitude. This electrifying collaboration showcases the raw talent and undeniable charisma of both artists, driven by the dynamic production of Studio_Dad.

A party starter with a deep-pitched chorus that captivates listeners, “B.W.A.” is a testament to the potential of these newcomers. Stoni’s razor-sharp flow and assertive persona stand out, proving she’s ready to take on the rap industry’s elite. In addition, her background in poetry and writing lends a unique depth to her lyrics, reflecting her Oakland roots.

JAMMY, based out of American Canyon, California (San Francisco Area), brings a smooth fusion of Hip-Hop and R&B to the track. At a young age, JAMMY was inspired by his older brother, a guitarist, to chase his dreams in the music world. Now, he’s turning heads and making waves in the industry.

“B.W.A.” is a thrilling preview of what’s in store for Stoni and JAMMY. Keep an eye on these rising stars as they defy expectations and redefine the Hip-Hop/R&B landscape.



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