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Steven Malcolm Releases Powerful Anthem “Monster” ft LZ7

Steven Malcolm

Steven Malcolm’s new song “Monster” featuring LZ7 is a powerful anthem that delves into the battles we face within ourselves. Set to the backdrop of rapid 808s and pulsating bass lines, Malcolm fearlessly confronts the disruptive forces threatening his soul. This track is more than just music; it’s a rallying cry for all those wrestling with inner conflicts.

As a multicultural hip-hop artist, Steven Malcolm has carved a unique path, blending faith, raw rhymes, and a willingness to experiment with various genres. This bold approach has garnered him five Dove Award nominations and an impressive 31 million on-demand streams. His music transcends boundaries, bridging the worlds of commercial rap, pop, Christian music, and reggae.

Steven’s personal journey adds depth to his artistry. Raised in the Midwest and Florida, his life lacked direction after his father was deported back to Jamaica and passed away before they could reunite. Struggling with the absence of both parents, he found solace and inspiration in a local church service that incorporated hip-hop and worship. It was there that Steven discovered his passion for creating message-driven music.

The release of his independent album “Monster’s Ink” and his signing with Word Entertainment as the first rap artist on their roster marked a turning point in his career. Steven Malcolm continues to push boundaries, creating cinematic music videos and delivering diverse, hard-hitting music that resonates with his audience.

“Monster” is a testament to Steven’s resilience and faith, showcasing his ability to inspire listeners to strive for better versions of themselves. With his unapologetic authenticity and powerful storytelling, Steven Malcolm is making a lasting impact on the urban music scene. Keep an eye on this rising star as he breaks barriers and touches hearts through his art.



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