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Star2 Latest Release “6 Ft. Away,” featuring $tupid Young


Rap artist Star2 is making waves in the music industry with his latest release, “6 Ft. Away,” featuring fellow Asian-American rapper $tupid Young. The two collaborators have brought together their unique backgrounds and experiences to create a thrilling anthem that captures the essence of their lives in the limelight.

The track boasts thumping bass, razor-sharp beats, and intoxicating rhythms that make it a must-listen for rap and hip-hop fans. Star2 and $tupid Young delve into the lessons they’ve learned from their journey to fame and fortune, drawing upon their personal experiences to create a powerful and relatable message.

One of the most striking aspects of this collaboration is the bond between the two artists. Star2 reached out to $tupid Young early in his career, recognizing the trailblazing impact the latter had made in the Asian music community. $tupid Young’s parents had endured refugee camps, while Star2 was born in a refugee camp in Thailand.

This shared heritage has brought the two artists together in a powerful way, and their collaboration on “6 Ft. Away” is just the beginning. The duo will release a six-track EP in March, featuring guest appearances from MB Nel, Chinatown Runner, Gee Kade, and Lil Poppa. With such a talented group of collaborators, fans can expect an EP that will showcase the diversity and creativity of Asian-American artists in the music industry.

In the end, “6 Ft. Away” is a fantastic example of what can happen when talented artists come together to create something unique and powerful. With its burlesque style and hip-hop twist, this track will captivate listeners and bring new fans to the Asian-American rap scene. As $tupid Young says, “I want more Asian artists to win.” With collaborators like Star2 and the rest of the team on the upcoming EP, this goal seems well within reach.



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