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Star2 and $tupid Young Collide in Explosive New Single “Outside”


If you’re ready to witness a rap game explosion, look no further than Star2 and $tupid Young’s scorching new single, “Outside.” This dynamic duo’s recent EP, Different Breed, has been setting the streets on fire, and “Outside” is the fiery anthem that’s taking the urban music scene by storm.

Directed by the visionary Chico Bennett, the music video for “Outside” is a cinematic masterpiece that pulls you into both artists’ rags-to-riches journeys. From the gritty neighborhood park to an underground poker table and even masked parades through the streets, every frame is drenched in the anti-hero ambiance that defines Star2 and $tupid Young’s artistry.

But “Outside” isn’t just about captivating visuals; the sonics hit you like a punch to the gut. The intense beats and venomous lyrics mirror the adrenaline-fueled narrative of these two rising stars, recounting their come up from the bottom to the spotlight.

Star2’s journey from a Thai refugee camp, fleeing genocide in Myanmar, to the vibrant rap scene in San Diego is nothing short of inspiring. Collaborating with renowned producer Chico Bennett, Star2 has teamed up with a roster of acclaimed artists, including Soulja Boy, Mozzy, Luh Kel, and many more. His unique sound and gripping storytelling have earned him praise from major publications like GQ, BET, and Harper’s Bazaar Vietnam.

Meanwhile, $tupid Young’s rise to fame is equally impressive, with his charismatic flow and captivating delivery making waves in the hip-hop community. His collaboration with Star2 on “Outside” is a match made in rap heaven, as they blend their talents to create an unforgettable track.

“Outside” is the seal of authority that solidifies Star2 and $tupid Young’s place in the rap game. With their electrifying visuals and venomous lyrics, this duo proves they are here to stay and destined for greatness.



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