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Spencer Elmer Sets the Stage with “Calm Like Kim”

Spencer Elmer

UK drill artist Spencer Elmer is back with his infectious new single, “Calm Like Kim,” the second release from his highly anticipated upcoming EP. This charismatic track showcases Elmer’s unique style, combining a bouncy instrumental with playful vocal sampling, booming bass, and nimble percussion. Elmer effortlessly rides the beat, delivering a vocal performance that brims with personality.

Accompanied by vibrant visuals, “Calm Like Kim” captures Elmer having a blast with his friends, sporting vintage gear, shooting hoops, and even serenading romantic interests. The video perfectly complements the energetic and carefree vibe of the song.

Spencer Elmer has been making waves in the UK rap scene with his introspective and authentic approach to music. His transparent and honest nature sets him apart, which shines through in his lyrics. He takes his audience on a deeply personal journey, delving into his past and current relationships and addressing the challenges that social media can bring to one’s personal life. This sincerity has resonated with fans, earning him millions of streams and a dedicated following.



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