Sophia Dashing Wants To Move Forward in “way i”

Sophia Dashing

“Got no time for patience need to know if it’s real…”

– quote from “way I”

True love is hard to find, but there’s a challenge of getting your timing right, and Sophia Dashing expresses how she’s waiting for the one she loves to take it to the next level in “way I.” The soulful track is just what you need to vibe to, and may love be worth your wait in the end.

Sophia Dashing is a rising Atlanta pop singer, songwriter, and dancer who’s performed on national TV shows and sung in local choirs at a young age. She stepped out as an independent artist with “High Priestess” in 2021. The stage is something that Sophia’s always enjoyed, and songwriting has been the tool she used to unleash and express the deepest parts of her life experiences. Her sound is a blend of pop and R&B, as she has a strong love for both genres. 







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