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SONGER Shakes Up the Scene with “WIDE AWAKE”


UK rapper SONGER is hitting the airwaves hard with his latest single “WIDE AWAKE,” which recently clinched the title of ‘World’s Hottest Record’ on BBC Radio 1’s Clara Amfo’s show. As Clara wrapped up her tenure with this powerful nod, SONGER’s track is already setting the pace for his upcoming mixtape, “The Price of Therapy.”

Described by Clara Amfo as a breakthrough, “WIDE AWAKE” delves into SONGER’s personal battles with insomnia, encapsulating his struggles through gripping lyrics and compelling rhythms. The track not only showcases his versatility across genres like hip-hop, garage, and drum & bass but also cements his status as one of the UK’s most dynamic lyricists.

From dominating Blackbox freestyles to amassing over 50 million Spotify streams without mainstream playlist support, SONGER’s journey is anything but ordinary. Hailing from just outside Reading, he’s breaking the mold in a London-centric scene. With “The Sunrise Project” already a streaming success and his UK tour tickets selling out in hours, SONGER is not just awake; he’s on a meteoric rise, ready to bring his raw, authentic sound to the masses. Keep an eye out as he gears up to drop “Skala,” promising more raw narratives and fiery beats.



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