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SMILEZ Unveils New Single “$ex & Money”


LA-based artist SMILEZ is again breaking boundaries with his latest single, “$ex & Money,” a dynamic blend of hip-hop and punk rock that showcases his distinct and fearless approach to music.

The track “$ex & Money” exemplifies SMILEZ’s ability to seamlessly merge genres. With a vibrant energy and unapologetic lyrics, he delivers a captivating performance that stands out in hip-hop and punk rock scenes.

SMILEZ’s unique artistic vision shines through as he explores the themes of desire and materialism. The fusion of gritty hip-hop beats and punk rock elements creates an electrifying, rebellious, and invigorating atmosphere. The artist’s signature yellow persona serves as a visual representation of his individuality and boldness.

No stranger to the spotlight, SMILEZ has made waves with his previous successes, including opening for renowned artists like Trippie Redd, Wiz Khalifa, and JuiceWRLD during successful tours. His ability to command the stage and connect with audiences is a testament to his artistry.

In 2022, SMILEZ’s track “HAPPY” soared to the top of the SoundCloud charts, amassing over 7 million streams and solidifying his presence in the music industry. His emotionally charged tribute, “Sit Back & Relax,” shed light on the fentanyl epidemic and showcased his commitment to using his platform for awareness.



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