SMILEZ Speaks on Harsh Reality in “Sit Back & Relax”


“Don’t wanna come clean, but that’s no way to think, in a blink of an eye, you say your goodbyes…”

– quote from “Sit Back & Relax”

In the new touching song “Sit Back & Relax,” multitalented Los Angeles artist SMILEZ details the struggles people endure due to drug addiction.

The track is coupled with a visual that displays loved ones sharing memories of those lost from the overuse of drugs. SMILEZ also describes the heartache he experienced from the passing of his brother. 

SMILEZ leaves a lasting impression with his signature yellow down to the socks gear. When speaking on this, he said, “It’s a weird fuc*ing color. When you wear yellow, you stand out no matter what. You’re already going to be judged for being over the top, so you can get away with whatever you want.”






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