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SMILEZ Explores Inner Turmoil in “Mentally I’m Somewhere Else”


“I’m not too proud to ask for help,” says SMILEZ in the chorus of his latest single, “Mentally I’m Somewhere Else.” This simple line carries deep implications that only a vocalist of great expressive nuance could deliver. SMILEZ’s damaged yet resilient persona exudes a unique combination of toughness, humility, and profound optimism. With each line he raps and every syllable he sings, he reaches out to his listeners, producing empathy and connection.

As one of the most emotionally powerful rappers in the industry, SMILEZ has forged deep connections with fans who share his struggles and aspirations. His previous tracks, including the 2020 hits “Head Shoulders” and “Sit Back & Relax,” have gathered millions of streams. Notably, his feature on Tekashi 6ix9ine’s album Dummy Boy left an indelible mark. In his verses, SMILEZ fearlessly confronts heartbreak, addiction, acceptance, and the delicate nature of mental health.

“Mentally I’m Somewhere Else” showcases SMILEZ’s vocal talents, with rapid-fire raps and soulful hooks, and highlights his musical creativity and arrangement skills. The accompanying video, conceptualized and directed by SMILEZ himself, deepens the contemplative mood. It portrays a divided internal state, with an active, vibrant version of SMILEZ rapping alongside a muted, downcast grayscale version. Interspersed with childhood footage, the video hints at a potential reclamation of self as it transitions from grayscale to full color.

SMILEZ continues to captivate listeners with his introspective lyricism and unwavering artistry. “Mentally I’m Somewhere Else” is a powerful testament to his ability to evoke emotions and create a profound musical experience.



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