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SMILEZ Drops New Video for “I Hate My Ex”


In the ever-evolving music landscape, SMILEZ sets the tone for a new wave of creativity. With his signature yellow attire and a fusion of emo-rap vibes, SMILEZ is quickly becoming a recognizable face in the scene. His latest release, “I Hate My Ex,” a track from his album “Ur in My World,” encapsulates the emotions of heartbreak and resentment in a way that’s both relatable and uniquely his own.

The Los Angeles-based rapper has garnered attention for his music, style, and persona. Influenced by a diverse range of artists from Green Day to Tupac, SMILEZ’s music speaks to listeners across generations. He has established his presence in the industry by collaborating with the likes of Snoop Dogg, Trippie Redd, Wiz Khalifa, and JuiceWRLD.

“I Hate My Ex” is a standout track from SMILEZ’s recent album. Set against a backdrop of trap beats and bass, the song channels the tumultuous emotions that follow a breakup. With a blend of vengeful lyrics and wistful reminiscences, SMILEZ delivers a full spectrum of feelings without compromising his trademark attitude.

The accompanying music video, directed by SMILEZ himself, exudes his distinct aesthetic. Portraying a digital yearbook of ex-partners played by a cast of Insta models, the video presents a whirlwind of past relationships. Through clever editing and various filters, the video mirrors the emotions tied to these connections – from vibrant and passionate to faded and distant.

With the release of “I Hate My Ex” and his album “Ur in My World,” SMILEZ cements his position as an influential force in the industry. As he continues to tour and release new music, it’s clear that SMILEZ is a rising star to watch out for. His ability to encapsulate complex emotions within his unique blend of emo-rap and attitude sets him apart, promising an exciting journey for the artist and his fans.



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