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Smile High Reveals “On the Way” ft Davion Farris & Cocoa Sarai

Smile High

LA’s own Smile High, known for his masterful production and keyboard skills, is dropping a fresh vibe into the R&B, hip-hop, and funk universe with his album “The Vibetape.” The album is a rich tapestry woven with collaborations featuring the likes of 6LACK, Davion Farris, Lando Chill, Chuck Inglish, and many more, promising to be a sonic feast for the ears.

Kicking off the album is “On the Way,” a sultry R&B track that sets the mood right. This opening number is a captivating duet between the acclaimed talents of singer-songwriter Davion Farris and the Grammy & Emmy-winning Cocoa Sarai, accompanied by a pulsating bassline that’s pure magic.

Smile High, the solo project of seasoned pianist and producer Ben Silverstein, showcases his extensive experience and musical evolution. Having played keyboards for The Main Squeeze, Silverstein has honed his craft on global stages alongside icons like George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic. “The Vibetape” marks a new chapter for him, an exciting reintroduction of his sound to the world.

The essence of Smile High lies in Silverstein’s nickname “Smiley” and his creation, the Smile High Club. This club represents more than just a musical venture; it’s a movement, a celebration of the joy and spontaneity found in music. Born from laid-back jam sessions at The Squeeze House, it stands as a testament to Silverstein’s philosophy of breaking the monotony of the music industry’s business side.

“The Vibetape” is more than an album; it culminates Smile High’s collaborative joy and musical exploration ethos. With its seamless blend of hip-hop, funk, and R&B, the album promises to be an experience akin to the coolest dinner party you’ve ever attended. Keep your ears open and your vibes ready for this one – Smile High is about to take you on a musical journey that will elevate your spirit.



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