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slayloverboy Drops “bring a knife if you want me to open up”

Upcoming California rapper slayloverboy has released a new song titled “bring a knife if you want me to open up.” The talented rapper and songwriter, who is in the process of introducing his sound to a wide audience, uses this track to pour out his heart on some struggles he has been internalizing.

“bring a knife if you want me to open up” is an emotional pop song written from a place of deep introspection of a young man who doesn’t trust anyone enough to open up and be vulnerable. It samples the voice of legendary off-road truck racer Jeremy “Twitch” Stenberg.

With relatable lyrics and a new rap style that he calls emo rap, this track has the right vibe to get stuck in the head and become an instant hit. slayloverboy hopes to make his sound prominent this year as he prepares to feed his fans with an unending streak of good music.



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