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Skeete Reveals Track “Tek Buddy” from His New EP


Skeete is set to reach new heights with the release of his highly anticipated EP, “Vibes Don’t Lie.” The project picks up from where “Weekdays (She Freaky, She Sneaky)” left off, delving into his Caribbean heritage and taking listeners on a mesmerizing journey. From smooth R&B melodies to catchy dancehall rhythms, the EP is a perfect soundtrack for the summer season.

The single “Tek Buddy” leads the charge, accompanied by an enthralling music video directed by Jack Stangaard. With its infectious beats and feel-good vibes, “Tek Buddy” will surely be another hit for Skeete, further solidifying his status as a top UK R&B artist.

Speaking about his inspiration for the EP, Skeete explains, “Weekdays (She Freaky, She Sneaky)” was unexpected in its quick success, bringing a certain chemistry to my fans. So, this project is for those same fans to enjoy new summer music from me with a similar feel, but this time with more variety, whether they want an erotic vibe or a summery one.”

With “Vibes Don’t Lie,” Skeete once again showcases his mastery of blending genres and captivating listeners with his magnetic artistry. The EP’s anthemic hooks, infectious beats, and sensual allure promise an irresistible sonic experience that will leave fans yearning for more. Skeete is undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with, and as he continues to push the boundaries of urban music, the world eagerly awaits what he has in store next.



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