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SK-47 Presents a New Drill Anthem “It Was Me” 


Rising from the bubbling underground music scene of Southeast London, prolific young rapper SK-47 has released a new single titled “It Was Me.”

Known for his hard-hitting lyrical prowess and smooth flow, SK-47 is in the process of releasing his self-titled EP “SK 24/7.”

“It Was Me” serves as the lead single for the project and is inspired by Central Cee’s “Pinging.” It is an amazing record where the super-talented drill artist pours encomiums on himself for being so good at this rap game.

SK-47 has been one of South East London’s most promising young talents in the past few months. His lyrical style of painting vivid pictures with words sets him apart from other youngsters, evident in his first single, “Verbal,” which has garnered over 10 million streams on Spotify.

Using this new track as a stepping stone, SK-47 is an exciting new act to look out for in the coming months, as he’s about to unleash an arsenal full of quality music.



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