ShooterGang Kony “Jesus’ Peace” ft. LaRussell

ShooterGang Kony

“The check, that’s what I’m coming for, don’t want a girl that’s finna tell me what she love me for, cause love mysterious and hard…”

– quote from “Jesus’ Peace”

On this track, titled “Jesus Peace,” ShooterGang Kony collaborates with LaRussel. They spit emotional lyrics about life, their struggles growing up and hustling on the streets, and finding peace in Jesus. 

ShooterGang Kony has released his long-anticipated 10th studio album, “Playing with Fire.” Over the past months, the prolific West Coast rapper teased fans with a series of singles from the album to set the tone for the big release. Tracks like “Bounce Out,” which has since gone viral to the point that XXL named it one of the best new releases, and “Free Smoke 2,” set streaming platforms blazing in the past months, are also on the album. 

This new album, released under the stables of EMPIRE, features 12 tracks and an entertaining lineup of artists, including Nef the Pharaoh, Lil Bean, Lil Yee, 22nd Jim, and LaRussell. 






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