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Sargeant & Comrade Takes You on a Journey in Call You Back”

Sargeant & Comrade

You will be transported to a golden place where music is sweet when you listen to Yolanda’s smooth vocals mixed with dusty old vinyl tracks. The Queen of Lo-Fi delivers a unique sound that blends the best of both the old and the new in her new song “Call You Back,” along with Comrade.

After not finding a label that suited their unique style, she and her producer, Comrade (Evgeniy), created Lo-Fi Soul, a fuse of jazz, soul, funk, and dancehall with hip-hop. Comrade’s multi-layered production takes you on an eclectic, genre-bending journey. Sargeant’s powerful vocals are the main focus. Together, their music style has won them numerous awards in 2021-2022.



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