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SAGA BOUY Steps Out on His Own with Debut Single “DRUNK OFF LOVE”


Former BROCKHAMPTON member SAGA BOUY is striking out on his own with his debut solo single “DRUNK OFF LOVE” and its accompanying music video. Drawing inspiration from his Grenadian heritage and experiences in London over the past two years, SAGA BOUY is set to make a splash with his forthcoming album.

The “DRUNK OFF LOVE” music video offers a blurred glimpse into the emotional rollercoaster SAGA BOUY experienced during a tumultuous breakup. As he navigated the end of a challenging relationship and the disintegration of BROCKHAMPTON, SAGA BOUY found solace in London, immersing himself in music and fashion and paving the way for his solo career.

SAGA BOUY is a multi-talented artist and producer. As a founding member of BROCKHAMPTON, he played a key role as a leading producer, often contributing his vocals and songwriting skills. As he steps into the limelight with his solo debut, SAGA BOUY is ready to make his mark in the music industry with a fresh vision and unique artistry.

Keep an eye out for SAGA BOUY’s forthcoming album, which promises to deliver an exciting blend of influences and showcase the depth of his talents.



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