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Rohan Reveals New Track “Jungle (Ride With Me)”


Canadian rapper Rohan is making waves in the music industry with his debut EP “JUNGLE,” and the focus track “Jungle (Ride With Me)” is taking the airwaves by storm. Produced by the acclaimed 4x platinum hitmaker Eestbound (known for his work on Travis Scott’s “Antidote”), this track perfectly blends afro house, dance, R&B, and hip-hop.

“Jungle (Ride With Me)” is an uptempo and sensual banger that showcases Rohan’s versatility as an artist. With infectious beats, catchy melodies, and smooth vocals, the song transports listeners to a tropical paradise where they can let loose and embrace the rhythm of the jungle. The production by Eestbound is top-notch, creating a vibrant and energetic backdrop for Rohan’s lyrical prowess.

This summer hit is a testament to Rohan’s ability to seamlessly blend different genres, creating a fresh, dynamic, and catchy sound. His unique style and captivating presence shine through in every verse, making “Jungle (Ride With Me)” a standout track on his debut EP.

Rohan’s talent and potential are undeniable, and “JUNGLE” is just the beginning of what promises to be a successful career in the music industry. Rohan is poised to become a force reckoned with his ability to craft infectious and versatile tracks.

The focus track for his debut EP, “Jungle (Ride With Me),” is a perfect introduction to Rohan’s artistry. It’s a testament to his creativity, vision, and dedication to pushing boundaries in music. With Eestbound’s masterful production and Rohan’s undeniable talent, this track will make waves and leave a lasting impression on listeners.

So, buckle up and prepare to embark on a musical journey through the “JUNGLE” with Rohan. His unique sound, captivating lyrics, and infectious energy will transport you to a world where genres blend seamlessly and the party never stops. “Jungle (Ride With Me)” is just the beginning of what Rohan has in store, and it’s clear that he’s ready to take the music scene by storm.



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