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Rixh Forever Features Vado & Benny the Butcher on “Crazy”

Rixh Forever

Upcoming rap artist Rixh Forever has collaborated with Vado and Benny the Butcher on a new street anthem they call “Crazy.”

Rixh Forever was born in Queens, New York, where he grew up on the streets and had a myriad of rough experiences that shaped his musical style. He started making music in New York, then moved to Miami, Florida, where he continues to use his storytelling style to make an impression on music lovers.

When Benny The Butcher and Vado first heard the original “Crazy” single, they could relate to every word and punchline, so they decided to jump on it, resulting in this thrilling banger.

With this song, Rixh continues to imprint his name in the American music scene. He uses this song to share his thoughts on the importance of aspiring to lead, not to be a follower, and to be a shining light to the younger ones.

Enjoy the track!



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