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Ridge Long Make Waves with his Latest Hit “Show Me Love”

Ridge Long

Ridge Long is making waves in the music industry with his latest hit, “Show Me Love.” This rap song, set over a New Jersey/New York club beat, is an instant crowd-pleaser. From the infectious hook to the heartfelt and relatable verses, the song captures the essence of finding love in a captivating way that will resonate with listeners.

Hailing from Maryland, Ridge Long is determined to make his mark in the industry. His music is authentic and heartfelt, combining powerful lyricism with catchy flows and hooks that leave a lasting impact. But it is his personal journey that truly sets him apart.

Ridge Long has faced numerous challenges in his life. Growing up in a single-mother household with his father in and out of prison, he was caught in a cycle of struggle and hardship. Instead of letting his past define him, Ridge Long has transformed his experiences into a source of inspiration.



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