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Ridge Long Drops “Yeah Yeah” ft BIG 23

Ridge Long

In the pulsating heart of the urban music realm, a gem like Ridge Long emerges every so often, striking a chord with both the streets and the soul. His latest track, “Yeah Yeah” featuring BIG 23, isn’t just a song; it’s a shout-out to unwavering loyalty, celebrating the grit of climbing to the top with the same ones you battled the trenches with. The track boasts an infectious hook that is bound to replay in your mind long after the beats fade.

What truly amplifies “Yeah Yeah” is its lyrical depth, brought to life by two distinctive artists, uniting their divergent sounds into a harmonious hit. Hailing from Maryland, Ridge Long’s journey hasn’t been without its tumultuous turns. Growing up with the shadows of addiction, incarceration, and struggle, Ridge channels his past’s raw realities into compelling narratives. This unsigned prodigy melds lyricism with catchy rhythms, creating tracks that don’t just entertain but educate.

From “Time Heals” to “Letter to the Addicts,” Ridge’s YouTube presence speaks volumes about his growing impact. With views soaring into the hundreds of thousands, it’s clear that his message of redemption and hope resonates. Ridge Long’s mission? To divert the youth from the pitfalls he faced, urging them to learn from his tales rather than experience the tumult themselves. “Yeah Yeah” is Ridge Long’s soul, echoing back to us. And trust, it’s an echo you want to catch.



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