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Renee Stormz Takes UK Hip Hop Scene by Storm with “All The Smoke”

Renee Stormz

Manchester’s own Renee Stormz is back, captivating fans with her powerful new single “All The Smoke” and its mesmerizing music video. Channeling her influences from Lauryn Hill, Miss Dynamite, and Missy Elliot, Renee effortlessly fuses neo-soul, R&B, and hip-hop to craft her signature sound.

Produced by Nottingham’s Superbeats, “All The Smoke” features Renee’s unapologetic lyrics and bouncy flows that delve into her experiences as a black woman growing up in the West. Inspired by the feminine archetypes in “Goddesses in Every Woman,” Renee explores her journey, embracing her power and standing tall amidst adversity.

Born in London and raised in Nigeria, Renee’s musical roots span classical soul, funk, and traditional Nigerian music. As a teen, she turned to writing and music as an escape, eventually becoming a lyrical bard in her early twenties.

“All The Smoke” is Renee’s first release since her lockdown album “Ore Mi,” a collaboration with Altosounds that melds contrasting cultures and sounds. With a renewed passion and several more releases planned for 2023, there’s no stopping this multi-faceted artist. Keep an eye on Renee Stormz as she continues to make waves in the UK hip-hop scene.



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