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RahhForeign Breaks Ground with “Been Him!”


In the pulsating heart of the music realm, Philadelphia’s RahhForeign is making waves, escalating his sound, and reshaping the urban scene. His latest drop, “Been Him,” not only came with the heat but also brought visuals that mirror the vibrancy and energy of the track. Since its recent release, it’s been blazing through all streaming platforms, marking Rahh’s dynamic progression throughout the summer of ’23.

“Been Him” burst onto the scene with a viral TikTok featuring content maestro Zay GTM, and it’s been gaining traction ever since, symbolizing Rahh’s continuous evolution and expanding sonic empire. This new banger follows his previous hit, “I Rather,” featuring C Stunna, maintaining that same flashy zeal and motivating aura that makes you want to move.

RahhForeign kicked off his journey with “Gangster Bitch,” securing over a half-million organic streams across digital platforms and setting the stage for his musical trajectory. “Been Him” is not just another song; it’s a testament to Rahh’s artistic caliber and the diverse soundscapes he’s bringing to the table.

Philly has given us a game-changer, and RahhForeign is here, ready to etch his name in the annals of hip-hop with his innovative beats and distinctive flair!



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