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Rachel Geek Talks About Fame in New Song “Famous” 

Rachel Geek

Upcoming singer, songwriter, rapper, and producer Rachel Geek has recently released a new song titled “Famous.” This talented musician has a unique style that combines elements of pop, rock, and indie to create a sound that is all her own.

“Famous” is a catchy and upbeat track that will get stuck in your head. Rachel’s powerful lyrical dexterity and soulful hook are the front and center of this song, and she delivers each line with emotion and conviction. The lyrics of “Famous” explore the theme of fame and its allure, with Rachel rapping about the temptation of fame and the sacrifices that come with it.

Rachel took to music to deal with the trauma and mental health challenges that plagued her. She needed an outlet to burn off steam, express herself and prove that she was worth every dime of fortune she desired.

Overall, “Famous” is a strong addition to Rachel Geek’s growing discography and is a must-listen for rap and pop music fans.



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