Queen Millz Reveals New Powerful Single “Hear Me Out”

Queen Millz

“I made a name for myself, wait till they hear my sound, I think the industry was lost, but now look what you found…”

– quote from “Hear Me Out”

This month, rising UK artist Queen Millz revealed her new single, “Hear Me Out.” On a piano-led loop with a menacing trap drop, she reiterates her desire to stay true to herself and through her music. Mid-song, Millz shows how rapid her flow can get. 

“Hear Me Out” marks her third single release of 2021. It follows her recent track “Mill$,” which was playlisted by Kiss Fresh and slick “On Sight.”

Queen Millz incorporates her expression of what she’s experienced in life through her music. She’s collaborated with the likes of Heavytrackerz and TSB and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

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