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PVRPLE. Drops Electrifying New Collaboration “Mad” ft NVRMNDLUCAS


“Mad” marks the second collaboration between the talented producer PVRPLE. and the skilled UK rapper NVRMNDLUCAS. They create a unique fusion of UK Drill and EDM Trap, blending fresh sound selection and bass design.

PVRPLE. is a Canadian-Pakistani electronic music producer with a remarkable ability to capture emotions through heartfelt melodies and energetic sounds. With almost six years of experience in production, PVRPLE. embarked on this musical journey to merge their house, trap, and bass music knowledge into a unified and boundary-pushing sound.

With “Mad,” PVRPLE. and NVRMNDLUCAS aim to challenge your musical expectations and introduce you to new forms of music that you may not have thought you’d enjoy. The track showcases their commitment to pushing boundaries and delivering an experience beyond genre limitations.

The combination of PVRPLE.’s intricate production skills and NVRMNDLUCAS’ dynamic and captivating rap style creates a powerful synergy on “Mad.” The track pulsates with infectious energy, showcasing their ability to blend different musical elements seamlessly and create a sonic experience that demands your attention.



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