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Prezence Releases Captivating New Track “Too Late”


“Too Late,” written and produced in collaboration with Sedona brother Juan Gatto, is a powerful reminder that it’s never too late to reconnect with yourself, prioritize your well-being, and embrace your true wealth.

The accompanying video, shot and edited by Prezence, takes us on an overland adventure through the breathtaking Valley of the Gods in Utah, USA. It perfectly complements the essence of the track, capturing the beauty of nature and the sense of freedom and introspection that comes with it.

Prezence, hailing from Sedona, Arizona, is a multi-talented artist, record producer, and instrumentalist. His recent truth bomb, “Scam,” created quite a stir, despite being censored on Spotify within a week of its release. Not one to be deterred, Prezence continued to make waves in the industry. He collaborated with Dicky Barrett and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. on a song featured in The Highwire with Del Bigtree, showcasing his versatility and commitment to using music as a platform for spreading truth and awareness.

In 2019, Prezence co-founded the duo Prezence alongside his next-door neighbor, King David James. Together, they released a string of singles that quickly gained traction in the reggae scene. They were honored to share the stage with renowned artists like Mike Love, Dan Kelly of Fortunate Youth, and Zeb of Tribal Seeds.

Now embarking on a solo career, Prezence is taking his music on an international journey, gracing premier freedom and consciousness events such as Anarchapulco and Defeat The Mandates. With his radio-quality records and captivating multi-instrumental live performances, Prezence aims to spread freedom, truth, and love to audiences worldwide.



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