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Prettyboytheartist Captivates with Soulful Single “Make Time”


Rising R&B sensation Prettyboytheartist delivers a sultry, seductive track with his latest single, “Make Time.” The beautifully composed song captures the essence of the R&B genre, showcasing Prettyboytheartist’s signature smooth and soulful vocals. “Make Time” is a sensual celebration of passion and desire, expertly exploring the depths of human connection and intimacy.

Inspired by the yearning for the touch of a special someone, Prettyboytheartist crafted a song that embodies the irresistible urge to be close to the one you love. “When you’re at that point where you can’t resist the urge to be near them, that’s what ‘Make Time’ is all about,” said the artist.

Listeners will surely be captivated by the emotion and vulnerability in Prettyboytheartist’s voice as he effortlessly conveys the longing for intimacy. The single is a testament to his ability to connect with his audience through relatable themes and evocative storytelling.

With “Make Time,” Prettyboytheartist solidifies his place in the R&B landscape as an artist to watch. His passionate and heartfelt delivery, combined with the song’s lush instrumentation, creates an irresistible, timeless sound that will resonate with fans of the genre.



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