Shawnii J

Shawnii J

Denver, CO

“Queens never step off their throne to address peasants”

-Shawnii J

Shawnii J is a highly skilled multi-published professional model that specializes in photo shoots, video shoots, hosting parties, and promotional modeling, as well as creative directing and styling! She was born in Germany, raised in New Orleans, and landed in Colorado. She’s made her transition to lovely Atlanta and loves it. Shawnii J has the power to stand with elegance in the classiest pieces and the personality to rock the diversity of today’s urban swag. She treasures diverse experiences as well as representing and promoting the rise of curvaceous beautiful ebony women.




AA Business Management
Published Model

Zodiac Sign


PHOTO CREDIT: Winfrey Opticz

What is your big model dream?

My dream is to become my own boss, own my own boutique, as well as creating and directing photo shoots and video shoots for models.
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What do you love the most about yourself?

How resilient I truly am. I bounce back from everything. I take my losses in silence and I grind even harder so I don’t have to take those L’s.

Shawnii J
Shawnii J

What was the first thing you learned as a model?

I learned that not everyone is going to like your look and you shouldn’t change it, just keep your same confidence and someone will adore and appreciate that.
Shawnii J
Shawnii J