Spring, TX

“It Will Not Consume You, You Will Conquer It!”

My name is Shanae. Houston, Texas, is my hometown where I model. I have done runways and music videos, but I am open to travel. As you can tell, I am very versatile with the work I choose to do. I’m very passionate about what I bring to the table because that is what defines me. Tyra Banks is who inspired me the most growing up. She models, acts, an entrepreneur, a college graduate, and a mother – just an amazing person all in one. Right now, I am gaining experience to be a director in photography. To do that, I have been working with my photographer Que. On occasions or when I’m requested, I teach the models poses, do their makeup, and give them the confidence needed to help make their pictures better. I’m currently working towards my long-term goal: to have my studio with everything you can think of in one huge building – bringing dreams to life.





Mentor & Make Up Artist

Zodiac Sign


PHOTO CREDIT: Quintin Muirhead | MUA: @makeupbyshanaee

How did you get started modeling?

I was getting noticed by photographers on Instagram. They all wanted to shoot with me. I had the beauty, height, and confidence. So my modeling started there.

PHOTO CREDIT: Quintin Muirhead | MUA: @makeupbyshanaee

How would you describe a model life?

Model life is not easy. You have to be a well-rounded person mentally and physically. Appearance is very important on and off-camera. You have to be cautious of your reputation.


Do you ever get shy in front of the camera?

Not at all. When the camera is on, I’m in my confront zone. If anything, I get goofy.