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Pawz One Reveals Raw Reflection in “Good Man” from his EP

Pawz One

Los Angeles-based emcee Pawz One has unleashed a powerful narrative with the music video for his “Good Man” track, drawn from his introspective 2020 EP “Dance On My Grave.” Directed by Dan Suzuki and Eddie Iniestra and edited by Dan Iniestra, the video is a stark visual complement to Pawz One’s storytelling.

“Good Man” delves deep into Pawz One’s personal journey, exploring themes of pain, struggle, and the darker aspects of life, including addiction and violence. It’s a raw and unfiltered look at his trials, tapping into a vulnerability he previously steered clear of in his music. The production, featuring work from Domingo, SBBX (Space Boy Boogie X), John Henry, and others, provides a gritty backdrop to his honest lyrics.

This track and the EP as a whole resonate with the challenges of 2020, questioning the recognition and appreciation we receive during our lifetime. Pawz One’s journey from an aspiring artist to a recognized name in LA’s hip-hop scene is marked by resilience and sheer talent. Known for his clever wordplay and impactful lyrics, he’s earned acclaim from peers and hip-hop veterans.

Since his debut album “Face The Facts” in 2014, Pawz One has showcased his authentic golden-era style. He’s shared the stage with hip-hop greats like Sean Price and Necro and performed at renowned festivals, proving his strong stage presence and artistic prowess.

With “Good Man,” Pawz One continues to leave a significant mark in the hip-hop world, offering a glimpse into his life’s complexities and the strength it takes to share them.



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