August 16, 2019

B.Wize “Introduction of a Wize Man”

“What’s your pain, what’s your strain? Say you searching for some pleasure. What’s your aim, is it pointed at some peace?” – quote from...

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MoneyBoy Ice
August 15, 2019

MoneyBoy Ice Drops New Single “I’m Drunk”

“Drinking some Henny and pouring Barcardi. I needed a Uber but went on Safari. I stepped on his shoes and didn’t say sorry…” –...

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August 9, 2019

Kansas City Rapper Clarke “Did It Again”

“Tryna jump out a Benz yeah, with some Cartier lens yeah, having money to spend yeah, I just did it again…” – quote from...

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July 19, 2019

Champloo Sloppy

“Been through hell, burned by the flames, but I made it back…” – quote from “Pretty Heartless” Fast rising rap sensation Champloo Sloppy dropped...

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June 26, 2019

SirDevon Drops “Energy”

“Thought you should know, I’m the next to blow, I rep that K.O…” – quote from “Energy” Denver born and based artist SirDevon is...

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Tana Ten Birdz
June 19, 2019

Tana 10 Birdz Releases “Trap Caviar”

“Put faith inside my hustle, so we ain’t gotta struggle…​” – quote from “Trap Caviar” Denver based hip-hop artist Tana Ten Birdz is at...

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June 18, 2019

Tain Releases “On Track”

“Spread my wings, watch how I live out these dreams…” – quote from “On Track” Denver-based artist Tain has dropped yet another hit song...

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Rado & Lowkey
May 31, 2019

Dynamic Duo Rado & Lowkey

“Before I die broke, I’mma ball while I’m living…” – quote from “Money Bagz” Rado & Lowkey is a rap duo from Aurora, Colorado...

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May 29, 2019

Yeshua Releases New Holy Trap Project “His Eyes Were On God”

“All them burdens they just getting heavier, and you just trying to carrying them underground like you’re Harriet…” – quote from “Chapter III (Love...

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Flyte Corleon
May 27, 2019

Flyte Corleone Releases New Visual for “Election Day”

“At the White House feeling like I’m Ronald Reagan…” – quote from “Election Day” Kansas City artist Flyte Corleone makes a statement as he...

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Maestro Don and Bounty Killer

Maestro Don “Pioneer” featuring Bounty Killer

“When yuh see we a road, we nu timid, our badness a nuh no image…” – quote from “Pioneer” Dancehall artist Maestro Don has heated the streets with a collaboration with Bounty Killer in his new song titled “Pioneer”. This seems like a power move signaling his intention to grab a bigger slice of the dancehall this year, 2020. “Pioneer” was produced by Dj Wizzle and Rico Tayla on the YardStyle Entertainment label. The belief is that this single would […]

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28AV “Banana” ft Lil Mosey & Souf Souf

“Copped a Rollie, out in London call it Big Ben. Banana clip hold fifty, give yo wig ten…” – quote from “Banana” Absolutely nothing prepares one for this sizzling summer collaboration between the Seattle-based rapper 28AV and hitmakers Lil Mosey and Souf Souf with new song “Banana”. “Banana” is out recently via H1GHR music. It was directed by 28AV and OLEG KUD and captured a wild pool party. It seems the crew already knows this would be one of their […]

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Cee Kay

Cee Kay Releases New Single & Video “Cent”

“Can’t handle this smoke, this shi* get to my lungs, I know where I been and I know where I’m going…” – quote from “Cent” Emerging Arkansas rapper, Cee Kay, has released his new single and video “Cent” through Hikari-Ultra/Republic Records. “Cent” follows almost immediately after his last track release “Mona Lisa” and have attracted critical acclaim. DuJour who wrote, “His passion and soul is clear throughout his music” rated the song among “our top five favorite new song releases”. […]

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Jay Gudda

Jay Gudda Looks Back on Life in “Wake Up”

“I do what I said I would never pursue and it’s levels to shi* like it tiramisu. Brothers and bi*ches will lie to your face, just cause they think that it betters the truth. Where is the loyalty everything gone, can’t even talk to my mom…” – quote from “Wake Up” Up and coming Raymond, New Hampshire rap artist, Jay Gudda, reflects on his past experiences thoughtfully in his new song “Wake Up”.  Jay Gudda creates a dark mood in […]

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1X Releases His Newest Banger “Can’t Trust”

“Imma hide it, you can’t see it, keep my heat under the cover…” – quote from “Can’t Trust” Multi-talented 1X has just released his newest banger track “Can’t Trust”. The song is an ideal expression of the kind of energy and exuberance 1X is known for. The young artist made no mistake of leaving out any of his captivating vocal performances in the song. “Can’t Trust” is simply a melodious illustration of 1x’s outlook on life, and it undoubtedly bears […]

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Prince Navon

Prince Navon Drops “A Friendly Reminder”

“Got it from my hustle, I ain’t never had to steal nothing, don’t condone violence, you press me, I’ll press the kill button…” – quote from “A Friendly Reminder” Prince Navon raps about racial inequality and brutality against blacks in “A Friendly Reminder”. “A Friendly Reminder” is a powerful song that highlights the unfair treatment of the black community and the joint responsibility that we have to effect change. It’s a passionate outcry against police brutality, but not just that. […]

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