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Osei and Armani

Osei and Armani Drops “MOONWALKER”

“I don’t need a different b***, I’m straight, me and my shorty gone get to the cake. Ain’t no changing the weather, I’m racing with fate…” – quote from “MOONWALKER” Atlanta natives Osei and Armani just released their latest banger and visual “MOONWALKER”. The video takes place at a gas station where a guy offers Osei some blue juice called “MOONWALKER”. When he drinks it, he wakes up in a blue room and a party where he wears a glitter […]

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MarKaus Releases Super Combo of Whiskey and Album

“Praying that I live to be much older than this recipe, they expected much less from me…” – quote from White Rye Des Moines, Iowa hip hop artist MarKaus is at it again. He’s just released a combo of his “Burn The Boats” album and “Ziyad” whiskey, which will be hitting Kansas City shelves this summer. He owns Media Fresh Record Label and the Ziyad Rye brand from whence he produces his music and whiskey respectively. https://youtu.be/l4MP-ROSXSY Contrary to what […]

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NUVILICES Releases New Song “Music Box” ft PARIIS IX

“I do not want to cause no trouble, my mind like a ticking clock. I was here inside my bubble, playing with my music box…” – quote from “Music Box” NUVILICES is at it again with his latest single “Music Box”. The upcoming artist is consistently taking his time to flaunt both his skills with his pen, and his voice. From his notes to the recording studio, NUVILICES has his unique way of putting some fancy and super scary combo […]

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ANTY2FLY Releases Debut Single “Flagrant Foul”

“Fuc* it I’m just laughing to the bank account and Imma G…” – quote from “Flagrant Foul” On getting a recent endorsement from Mak Sauce, ANTY2FLY has just dropped his debut song “Flagrant Foul”. The song was produced by the popular Ayo Shon ($Steven Cannon, Lil Xan, and Curren$y) and directed by Paul Wildum (Alec Monopoly, Bella Thorne and Fkis 1st). It enters the market as a kaleidoscope hit, firing in as an ideal visual focus to take some fascinating […]

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Mizznekol and DJ Sleepybeatz

Mizznekol Drops Latest Hit “Rooftops” ft DJ Sleepybeatz

“My whole squad keep winning, we gone say what we feel, solid team we gone build, soldiers out in the field…” – quote from “Rooftops” Mizznekol is a Kansas City based emcee whose efforts and hard work have got things going the music way in her city. Through her self-owned and self-managed music label The Grind is Real Entertainment, she has been able to pave the way for up and coming Missouri artists. Establishing the label in 2014, and being […]

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Marvo Fivestarsz

Marvo Fivestarsz “Without (Chinwe)”

“My heart beats, definitely on froze and even though I know you’re with God it’s still burning deep in my soul…” – quote from “Without (Chinwe)” UK artist Marvo Fivestarsz just wrote and dropped a soulful track called “Without (Chinwe)” in memory of his mother who recently passed away from COVID-19. Chinwe means “God Has”, which was his mother’s second name. Marvo locked himself in a room for 2 days after this tragedy occurred and pour his heart out into […]

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