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Kallee Brookes

Kallee Brookes Drops Strip Club Anthem “Rude”

“Oh you think I’m cute, oh you think I’m rude? But I care about money, not ‘bout you…” – quote from “Rude” Recording artist, actor, and Compton native, Kallee Brookes, recently released her new single “Rude”. “Rude” is a hard hitting, bass powered track that can be played at any strip club joint. Kallee Brookes has appeared in TV shows such as “9-1-1” with Angela Bassett, “Lucifer” on Netflix, “How I Met Your Mother,” and “NCIS.” Kallee wanted to be […]

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Chuck iNDigo

Chuck iNDigo Comes Through with “Bad to the Bone”

“Mastered my craft faster than some of you ni**as ejaculated, after you masturbated or signed yo’ name on that affidavit…” – quote from “Bad to the Bone” Nashville, Tennessee artist Chuck iNDigo releases new single “Bad to the Bone”, which was produced by A.B Eastwood & Burnie Amsterdam. The song is partnered with a fierce video that represents Chuck’s distinctive style. In the visual, Chuck iNDigo wears a bloody shirts with a sinister look on his face as he delivers […]

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Star Dinero

Star Dinero “Bank” ft Mophead TBC

“And she call my phone, I don’t even got it saved..” – quote from “Bank” Up and coming Brooklyn artist Star Dinero drops his first music video of 2020 called “Bank”. He features collaborating artist Mophead TBC, another young talent who’s also making waves in New York. Racking up 15k followers on Instagram, Star Dinero’s fans have been anticipating a visual ever since his release of “Born a Star”. He exceeded over 2 million streams on SoundCloud, with hits such […]

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Jevon Features X-Raided in Hit Song “AK In My Sofa”

“Pass me the L let’s hit it, currency to make let’s get it, in or out a suit I fit it, all around I’m lit admit it…” – quote from “AK In My Sofa” Jevon features X-Raided in his latest banger “AK In My Sofa” which was produced by SjBeats in UK. The song is a super cool product of the imaginations and talents of Jevon, complemented by X-Raided’s flawless rap talent. It is also a perfect blend of the […]

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Gen Bello

Gen Bello Sings from the Heart in “Dear Mom”

“I been working 8 to 3 you see, I’m trying to make you proud, I wanna build this family, but listen I got these other plans, just know that I got you…” – quote from “Dear Mom” New York City songbird Gen Bello just released an extraordinary track dedicated to her mother called “Dear Mom”. In “Dear Mom”, Gen delivers gentle sweet melodic tunes on top of a pleasant flute infused  instrumental as she expresses her gratitude to her mother […]

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AyHay Drops New Music Video for “Don’t Hit My Line”

“I’m tired of being broke, tired of looking like a joke, don’t hit my line when I blow…” – quote from “Don’t Hit My Line” United Kingdom rapper, songwriter and visual creative AyHay drops new music video for “Don’t Hit My Line”, which was shot in London and directed by Jaden Sepulveda. In the video AhHay is surrounded by telephone booths and tells all the haters not to hit his line. “Don’t Hit My Line” is one of the eight […]

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