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Kid Travis

Kid Travis Releases Melodic Track “I Want My Hoodie Back”

“One day, I think I’ll forget your name. It’s been years now, she’s got nothing to say. I’m upside down, in my head your still around…” – quote from “I Want My Hoodie Back” Philadelphian born artist Kid Travis is dishing out his brand of heartbreaking romance in his new track “I Want My Hoodie Back”. The talented young singer is known for his versatile style. He never stops at nothing but goes right in bold and unapologetic as he tries a new […]

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Ktlyn Drops “Blondes Have More Fun Freestyle”

“Gotta a lil bark, but he got no bite, jeans too tight…” – quote from “Blondes Have More Fun Freestyle” Ktlyn dishes her own adventures as a blonde in new song “Blondes Have More Fun Freestyle”. The San Diego rapper is known for her sensational flow and masterful lyricism. Although it isn’t the first time we have heard songs about blondes having more fun, there’s no doubt Ktlyn is different. “Blondes Have More Fun Freestyle” is her tribute to blondes […]

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UKNWN Releases New Single “To The Moon”

“I’ve been going for change, they say I ain’t the same, say charge it to the game, cause there’s no one to blame…” – quote from “To The Moon” The British rapper, UKNWN is keeping his fans on their toes with his masterful flow in his latest song “To The Moon”. The young Enigmatic artist, who is known for his unique blend of wavy, trap sound, retro visuals, and catchy lyrics, goes all out in dishing out what he describes […]

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Lil Brick

Lil Brick Releases Track “Eagle Eyed”

“I been lost with my thoughts since a little teen, jumping up through the ranks like a trampoline…” – quote from “Eagle Eyed” With the current trends in the music industry, up and coming talents are really working hard to take over the scene in grand style. Lil Brick happens to be one of the rising stars with potential to become a celebrated musical figure in no time. Lil Brick is an up and coming artist with an Indian-American descent. […]

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Amaru Cloud

Amaru Cloud Launches a New Single “Andale”

“In the telly make a movie like I’m Tarantino, pop out you gon’ know if she my bi*ch if she in Valentino…” – quote from “Andale” In his freshman year, Amaru Cloud took a turn that changed the course of his entire life – he decided to pursue his musical career. 18 months after his critical decision, he now has a ton of captivating melody and lyrics to his credit. Thanks to all the encouragement and influences from his family and close friends. […]

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Big Mechoo

Big Mechoo Drops His Latest Song “Go”

“Smoke like a Rasta, they swear I’m Jamaican…” – quote from “Go” “Go” is Big Mechoo’s most recent release which promises to paint the entire city red. It was produced by Kleb Records, and has the young artist’s rap signature and melody stamped all over it. Big Mechoo is a young Northeastern DC native rapper and singer. His musical pursuits began when he was as young as 10 years of age when he would write songs for his church choir […]

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