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B1GJuice Drops New Track “Let It Blow”

“Far from average, a savage is what I be. You cannot see the titanic is how I’m deep…” – quote from “Let It Blow” Brampton, Canada artist B1GJuice just released a new track called “Let It Blow”. In the song, he captures his audience with delivery of a smooth flow over a guitar laced instrumental with a deep bass line.  The video was filmed and edited by Kendall Mathis of Shooter.co in Cincinnati, Ohio. It shows B1GJuice relaxing, rolling up, […]

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UKNWN Releases New Single “Bussdown”

“Me and you, we’re not the same…I’m different b*tch…” – quote from “Bussdown” Just a week ago UKNWN, a music artist from the UK, dropped a song called “Bussdown”. This track has a cool, mellow and spacey instrumental. Not only does UKNWN’s voice pair nicely with the beat, how he stays calm and still lyrically delivers is a huge factor in the outcome of “Bussdown”. The music video is well put together and thought out. When it starts it seems […]

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6orn Features Geo Fendi in His Latest Hit Song “Ocean”

“Ni***a they know I’m the way. I figured, I figured a way. I just went up to LA, on my way back to the A, was delayed…” – quote from “Ocean” Boston native artist, 6orn is out to create another big wave in music again. This time, he has collaborated with Geo Fendi to produce “Ocean”. “Ocean” is a fantastic combo of a whole lot of captivating  sounds and visuals, and there’s nothing lacking from the video about the prominent […]

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Wavy Jones

Wavy Jones “Ketch Di Pree” ft. Blvk H3ro, Jeeby Lyricist & Kione Zaire

“Tell me how it feel when you smile your heart open, speak your truth…” – quote from “Ketch Di Pree” You’ll never miss Wavy Jones’ touch of Jamaican signature in any one of his songs. Wavy Jones is a Jamaican producer whose musical performances have been quite exquisite through the years. He also fuse dancehall, Reggae and R&B. Blending contemporary hip hop with dancehall is Wavy’s way of speaking the music language to his audience. https://youtu.be/-44B-A6UqvI In his latest release […]

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Benjamin A.D

Benjamin A.D Releases Mellow Hit “Oxytocin”

“Where do you run when you know you can’t hide, distance love, trying to keep me outside…” – quote from “Oxytocin” South London artist Benjamin A.D is back with his first hit this year produced by WAVSDNTDIE called “Oxytocin”. In the song he delivers a smooth melodic flow that will relax your mind and get you in a calm mood. The video, which was directed by Ray Fiasco and produced by Yomi Ogunsola, takes place in a home and shows […]

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Jessame Delivers Sensual Track “Get Me Right”

“I see it in your eyes, see it in your smile, I know either way that you gon’ wanna put it down…” – quote from “Get Me Right” Los Angeles singer and songwriter Jessame releases his fifth single this year titled “Get Me Right”. In the song Jessame delivers smooth sounds for all of the lovers out there that will definitely get them aroused in a sensual mood. When describing the song Jessame says, “Get Me Right is a song […]

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