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Ann G

Ann G Goes All Natural in “Make Me Miss You”

“I know you gotta go and I hate it in my soul, but I love it when you do what, love it when you do what, do what make me miss you…” – quote from “Make Me Miss You” Ann G has dropped another bombshell in form of a soulful single from her upcoming album. From all indications, every single sound in the song was produced from the artist’s mouth, and her performance speaks highly of her majestic return to […]

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IDRYS Drops New Track “Butterfly Hands”

“Butterfly hands, make em fly when I want em to, hit you with that red dot , choppa , when i aim at you…” – quote from “Butterfly Hands” Trap and R&B artist IDRYS drops his latest single “Butterfly Hands”. The song is a warrior’s anthem dedicated to those who are untouchable. In “Butterfly Hands”, IDRYS effortlessly switches from singing melodious tunes to flowing bars, which results in a delivery of energetic sounds that’s exciting and entertaining. The song is […]

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G4 Boyz

G4 Boyz “Local Scammer” Remix ft Ivorian Doll

“Insert dat swipe, input pin clone ting, only statements my names on is bank transfers in, move that money to the offshore, got my legal team and they’re top draw…” – quote from “Local Scammer” New York’s dynamic duo, G4 Boyz, is back at it again with another version of their underground hit song “Local Scammer”. This time they feature British upcoming rapper and drill queen, Ivorian Doll. Ivorian said, “I loved this record as soon as I first heard […]

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Tino Szn

Tino Szn Unveils Another Banger “Ohh My”

“Got her off a bean, caught a body in my dream, bought a Richard Millie cause we on the same thing…” – quote from “Ohh My” Tino Szn is out to thrill his fans again with his latest banger “Ohh My”. Just like every other song released by the artist, “Ohh My” is a healthy dose of energetic melody for anyone seeking a lively contemporary song. Of the countless songs created and produced around the artist’s location, his latest release […]

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Orrin Stuns the Music Scene with New Single “MTV”

“I hit the wall and everything in it, I’m at the line but I ain’t finished…” – quote from “MTV” Fast-Rising Brooklyn artist, Orrin, has just dropped a hot song he titled “MTV”. The song is a melodious replica of Orrin’s musical talent which has been his substance of uniqueness in the music scene. So far, the song has caught the attention of thousands of hip hop fans, and has come around to expand the artist’s fan network like never […]

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Justina Valentine

Justina Valentine Sizzles Pretty in “Hide & Seek”

“I call them ho*s little Bo Peep, don’t care if they deep, they been intimidated so they always keep distance from me…” – quote from “Hide & Seek” Sexy red-haired, New Jersey rapper Justina Valentine has just dropped a new single she titled “Hide & Seek”. In the song, the beautiful artist goes solo till the very end, and every listener can feel the heat of her smoky style in between every lyric of the song. “Hide & Seek” is […]

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