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Est Twenty

Est Twenty Releases New Single “Swish”

“Toe tagging on the beat when I’m out for the kill, no lag, I be skirting the whip to the hills…” – quote from “Swish” The sensational and once up and coming rapper from Seattle, MC Ripynt, made waves about a decade ago and has stormed back again in the music industry in new light and form. The veteran singer, now going by Cory Tate has taken a trip down memory lane with a new track “Swish”. Back in 2006, […]

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Wiggy Releases New Single “You Got Me”

“Skin real smooth like lavender, you got me…” – quote from “You Got Me” Wiggy is a Jamaican native artist with permanent residence in London. He has been very careful to improve on his musical skills overtime, and is known for his super ability to blend his Jamaican features with those he acquired from London in a very unique manner. His jovial perception of life, which is something you can’t miss in his releases, is an unmistakable pointer to the […]

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Lourdiz Drops New Track “I’m Pissed”

“Warm me up, but I’m wide awake. I’m not faking anything, I’m not faking anything, I’m pissed…” – quote from “I’m Pissed” Fate is one thing human beings are naturally incapable of fighting. But when a seemingly negative fate turns out to be the starting point of a beautiful life experience, it becomes something worth writing about. Lourdiz, a Texas-born music talent has had to deal with the outcome of unexpected events in her life, which ushered her into her […]

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Delacey G-Eazy

Delacey “Cruel Intentions” ft G-Eazy

“I like sex, I like flowers, I like attention. Don’t ever put me second, I bet you won’t find nothing feels this good this side of Heaven…” – quote from “Cruel Intentions” When someone begins to compose songs and make melodious sounds on the keyboard as early as age 7, then you should know that the sky would never be a match for the success of such person in the music industry. This is the case of Delacey, an upcoming […]

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Ashya Releases Visual for “Steez”

“Yeah, I got a bad habit, might be from another planet …” – quote from “Steez” South Korean American singer, performing artist and songwriter Ashya is back with the highly anticipated video for her girl power anthem “Steez”. The fast growing R&B artist has been gaining recognition ever since her debut mixtape ‘“Expectations” in November 2018. “Steez” is an empowering track that preaches girl power and talks about making the mark and soaring higher. Ashya initially released the audio file […]

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Proper Einstein

Proper Einstein Releases “Thinking Out Loud”

“People only love it when you flex, people only love you when you’re dead, so many thought running through my head…” – quote from “Thinking Out Loud” Proper Einstein is a time bomb singer, songwriter, producer, and artist. Earlier this year, he dropped a groundbreaking song “Different Wave”, yet again he drops another one titled “Thinking Out Loud”. The artist who started his music career in 2015, has made waves in the music industry. His first track “Late Night” brought […]

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