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B. Morgan

B. Morgan Releases New Sound “You Know The Vibes”

“I’m from the bottom, took too many loses, now I’m up, fill my cup, grab my nuts, I deserve it…” – quote from “You Know The Vibes” The Bronx native, singer and songwriter B. Morgan is known for his incredible sound and lyrics and doesn’t disappoint in his new hit single “You Know The Vibes”. Since the release of his debut track “L.A.M” in August of 2019, the R&B Singer has been going strong and higher in the spotlight ever […]

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Only1Skoota Raps About the New Heights of Wealth in “Really Rich”

“First time i get forty racks I’m dropping all that shit at the dentist…” – quote from “Really Rich” The phenomenal, best known for his unique voice and downright raw and dirty lyrics, goes on to take the bull by the horns by teaching about the darkest parts of being rich. Easy Street Family recording artist Only1Skoota don’t leave any stone unturned in “Really Rich”. He is bigger, bolder, and going all-out crazy. “Really Rich” is a true definition of […]

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Ten Ten

Ten Ten Drops New Single “Late Sessions”

“We can spend some time, you can sip this wine, you can relax your mind, we can catch a flight…” – quote from “Late Sessions” Ten Ten just released a romantic single called “Late Sessions” from his newest EP “Ladies First”. In “Late Sessions” Ten Ten delivers a unique sound over a mellow beat as he talks about spending time with his girl. Check out “Late Sessions” and leave a comment below.  FOLLOW TEN TEN: Instagram SoundCloud

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Beanz Reveals the Pain in “Thug Cry”

“Back and forth, conversations with my reflections, listen closely, God speaking, maneuver how he suggesting…” – quote from “Thug Cry” California artist Beanz lets out what he’s been through in “Thug Cry”. In the song, he emits his raw lyrical talent as he paints a picture of the journey, experiences, and the cards that life has dealt him. Beanz started out free styling during lunch in school, but later transitioned to recording songs. This ignited a spark that led him […]

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Kid Travis

Kid Travis Releases Love Song “Strawberry Skies”

“We’re gone with the wind, hair in your face, put my hands on your waist, strawberry skies, all on your lips…” – quote from “Strawberry Skies” Talented Philadelphia singer, songwriter, and producer Kid Travis has released a new romantic song called “Strawberry Skies”. With strong melodic vocals, Kid Travis describes how happy his girl makes him feel while he’s with and without her. When she’s by his side, it feels like they’re gone with the wind. He’s so addicted to […]

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Cheflodeezy Unleashes His Newest Track “Ass Up”

“FaceTime she nuh suck hood, but she face mine, she a boom off mi step, she nuh waste time…” – quote from “Ass Up” This year, Cheflodeezy has shown that he is totally in for a game of regular music releases. All his releases, including his mixtape “Kitchen Talk” that was hosted by DJ Chill, have not failed to receive warm acceptance by his fans and followers. “Ass Up” is the rapper’s release for a summer anthem and is detailed […]

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