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Mak Brings Fresh Inspiration with “What You Been Through”

“Tell me what you been through, tell me how you get through…how you make it out so fly, did a lot so I can get by…” – quote from “What You Been Through” https://youtu.be/DLY6PNE6MWA Talented Chicago born artist Mak is out with a stream of motivation for his fans in the form of a new track and he titles this one “What You Been Through”. The artist and producer sings about overcoming obstacles and still turning out great in the […]

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Belis Releases Contemporary Rap Anthem “Lemonade”

“I will never hesitate to take somethin’. I gotta take it. Made that mistake once and it took too long to escape it. I love lemonade, bitc*, I move very safe, bitc*, and they goin’ crazy ‘cause they can’t relate bitc*…” Up and coming North Carolina artist Belis has released a contemporary hip-hop anthem that she calls “Lemonade”. The rapper who has gotten our attention because of the quality she delivers and her ability to do songs that stands out […]

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Big Nik

Big Nik Makes Energetic Delivery in “Trapstar”

“Imma blast off in a Jaguar, all these blue hundreds yeah I’m feeling like a Trapstar. Like a Trapstar, like a Trapstar, rolling out these carpets man I’m feeling like a Trapstar…” – quote from “Trapstar”https://youtu.be/z2LlLpNDBxI Social media star, musician and rapper Big Nik is out with another upbeat feel good song and he calls this one “Trapstar”. The Boca Raton, Florida artist has churned out this energy filled track that is not only fast paced and happy, but also […]

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Kuji Young

Kuji Young Gets Sensual in New Track Release “Parade”

[DISPLAY_ULTIMATE_PLUS]“Hope you packed ya overnight cos you ain’t finna make it home tonight. And imma do that thing I know you like. You a queen but I’m finna treat you like my lil hoe tonight. I’m gon hold you tight, Imma stroke you right…” – quote from “Parade” R&B artist and producer Kuji Young has released a banging new track from his first EP “Just For Fun”. The latest track “Parade” is a smooth, sexy and sensual track that gets […]

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KingTay Shares the Message of Greatness and Positivity in New Release “Be Great”

[DISPLAY_ULTIMATE_PLUS] “Honestly I’m trynna motivate, I’m pushing past the hate. You the one I’m trying to celebrate. There’s no excuses, you say you gonna do it then do it, got something to prove, then go prove it…” – quote from “Be Great” Philadelphian hip-hop artist KingTay is out of the studio with a fresh track and this one is all about positivity, motivation and beating the odds. KingTay puts together this one produced by Kato On The Track and directed […]

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Audrey Takes Over with her Newest Single “Paper”

[DISPLAY_ULTIMATE_PLUS] STREAM “PAPER” NOW Audrey is a Korean-American born and raised in New Jersey who has defeated all odds against her identity in the music industry. With her newest single, “Paper” Audrey has outrightly shown her readiness to take over the mainstream musical spotlight. Her enthralling voice is proof that she would stop at nothing to achieve her aim. Having co-produced the song with Anwar, Audrey has announced that she would personally direct and release its video by next month. […]

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6orn Drops New Track “Oh Yeah”

[DISPLAY_ULTIMATE_PLUS] “Cause still I make it hot on top, got the block on lock, can’t nobody open shop, oh yeah. And everyday I get more props, cause the shi* don’t stop and I whip it till it lock…” – quote from “Oh Yeah” STREAM “OH YEAH” NOW The kind of vibe that would result from a collaboration between energizing beats and mind-blowing vocals is the scenario reproduced in 6orn’s newest EP “Play for Keeps” produced by Oklahoma’s very own Ethancx. […]

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Tain Bears a Message for His Haters in His New Release “Man Man”

[DISPLAY_ULTIMATE_PLUS] “They hate me cause I keep it real, and never fu*king with the fake don’t care about  how you feel… fu*k the deal I signed myself and made it on the field…” – quote from “Man Man” STREAM “MAN MAN” NOW Hot from the oven is another very fresh track from Denver, Colorado hip-hop artist Tain; he calls this one “Man Man”. The “Escobars” and “On Track” artist who is known and loved for his wordplay and rhymes is […]

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