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DBangz Releases Dynamic Track “Medusa”

“Hold up, don’t make me get up from the throne that I’m sitting on, Imma be really mad cause I just don’t give a fu**…” – quote from “Medusa” DBangz just dropped a brand new track titled “Medusa”. With “Medusa”, along with other previously released singles “Prove” and “Been A Long Time”, the Los Angeles-based emcee is sure to usher into a new lane of credibility. Produced by Replay, the sound brings a sense of reminiscence of the 90’s era […]

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Asha Imuno and Gidi

Asha Imuno Reveals Single “CAVIAR” ft Gidi

“We double back and flood his spot like it’s the thang to do…” – quote from “CAVIAR” “CAVIAR” is the second single from Asha Imuno’s upcoming album “4AD imprint b4”. The song is his first collaboration with fellow member Gidi of the Raised by the Internet collective. About the song, Imuno says, “CAVIAR is the first time people get to hear how far Gidi and I push each other to make something hard and charismatic. We made this record right […]

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Cristale Drops Her First Official Single “Whites”

“It’s a full day shift, giving junk to the junkies…” – quote from “Whites” The rap/hip-hop single, “Whites”, accompanied by a music video starts off with an inaudible background rap. The suspense is scintillating, then at once, you’d hear Cristale get on the mic and roar her mind. Pushing herself, Cristale puts out this first official single after previously releasing many freestyles, ones that have gathered lots of accolades and hundreds of thousands of views. She has also been able […]

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Kid Travis

Kid Travis Falls Again in “Made A Mess”

“Can’t give you the chance, can’t get back you again. If I fall for you, then I’m good as dead. I’d rather fall for truth, than for more regret…” – quote from “Made A Mess” Kid Travis is back again with a new track titled “Made A Mess”. The song is about how he’s on the fence, messed up and got back into a relationship that he knows is bound to fail. The talented Philadelphia vocalist is very passionate about […]

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S1 Lets It All Out In “Real Pain”

“I used to struggle for tenners now I’m burning through these notes, I still go through my moments i can’t lie my heart still cold, I tried to deal with my issues but I nearly overdosed…” – quote from “Real Pain” Rapidly rising South London artist, S1, releases another track titled “Real Pain” from his highly anticipated project this year. “Real Pain” comes from his 11 track tape “Split Personality”, which features prominent artists such as Chucks, Skengdo, Peter Xan, […]

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GYYPS Makes Music Video for His Single “Cocinero”

“Roley Bezel for my dogs with the rocks in it, always kept it solid who was down to see it, shorty p*ssy poppin I’m a dog in it, french tip’ll make her walk different…” – quote from “Cocinero” GYYPS releases a video for his new track “Cocinero” to tell the story of a hustler who has done a lot of grinding and now sees a need to tell the world about his achievements. More than telling a story, the track […]

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